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 Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 26  1906  page 86

Little Mote, Eynsford, with a pedigree of the Sybill Family. By R. H. Ernest Hill, A.R.I.B.A.  continued

   The foregoing Pedigree is amplified and enlarged from that in the Visitation of Kent in l5~4, MS. H. 2, p. 93, College of Arms.
   (a) This is probably the John Sibill of London referred to in the Calendar of Ancient Deeds preserved in the P.R.O., vol. i., A. 453 and A. 493, where he is concerned in some land at Dedham in Essex, together with Richard Gylle, in 16 Richard II. A rough pedigree in Stowe MS. 620, fol. 26b, gives his wife as Margaret daughter of John Gyll, who was’ the son of Robert Gyll, but this does not agree with the Visitation pedigree, which is here followed. See also another reference in vol. ii., A. 3342 of above Calendar.
In his will, dated 19 August 1401, John Sybbylle, citizen of London, desires to be buried in the Church of St. Martin Orgar; mentions his wife Margaret, who is to be executrix; his sons Thomas, Nicholas, and John; his lands and tenements in parishes of St. Martin Orgar, St. Laurence Pulteney juxta Candellwyk Street, St. Botoiph juxta Byllyngsgate, St. Augustine paphey juxta murum infra Bysthopesgate; his cousin William, son of William Hyde, citizen of London, who is to be executor with wife; Thomas Blosse of London and John ffyge Parker of Bromlegh; and a bequest of 40s. to the high altar of Bromlegh Church, Kent. Proved in the P.C.C. 10 September 1401 (1, Marche).
   (b) Thomas Sybyle de Bromlegh in com. Kanc’ .Roffen dioc.," in his will, dated 1~5 April 1421, mentions his wife Margaret, daughter Margaret, and brother Nicholas, also his "mansio de Sundresh juxta Bromlegh." Probate 4 July 1421 in the P.C.C. (52 Marohe). It is probable that he inherited Sundridge Manor from his father, as the 

following note occurs in Stowe MS. 620, opposite the latter’s name: "To’ this John and Margaret was the Manner of Sondridge gyven entayle, remainder to the right heyers of John Sybill."
   (c) This Nicholas is mentioned in the Calendar of Ancient Deeds (vol. iii., A. 5372) as having in 6 Edward IV.  demised to John Chymbeham, with remainder to Richard and Joan Grovehurst, certain lands in Frennyngham, Kyngesdon, Maplescombe, Otteford, Shoreham, Lullyngstone, Lullingstane, and Eynesforde, etc. His name also occurs in Commissions of the Peace for Kent 12 July 1461 and 27 September 1464; in Commissions of Array 10 May 1461 and 23 February 1462; gaol deliveries 27 July 1461 and 23 October 1463; also in a Commission, dated 15 December 1462, to enquire into certain oppressions and extortions committed by William Isle of Sundrisse, cc. Kent, gentilman, Robert Drllond of Sellyng by Faversham, gent., and John Stokton, late of Sundryssh, yeoman; and, finally, in the Commission of oyer and terininer in the same matter, 11 July 1463. His will is dated 9 March 1465, and he refers to his wife Joan and son John, but mentions no place of residence or any possessions. It was proved in the P.C.C. 9 September (9, Godyn).
   (d) John Sibbill was also a Justice of the Peace, and is included in’ a Commission to enquire for rebellious persons in Kent and their possessions, and to escheat the same, 10 December 1483. He is probably the same man who was, on 26 April 1484, appointed’ Clerk of the Market of the Household throughout the’ realm, but there is nothing to identify him beyond the similarity

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