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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 26  1906  page 79

Little Mote, Eynsford, with a pedigree of the Sybill Family.

  By R. H. Ernest Hill, A.R.I.B.A.

   ABOUT fifty feet from the River Darent, and just to the north of Eynsford Castle, stands a small, picturesque, red-tiled, timber-framed cottage known as Little Mote or Sibellís, the comparatively modern representative of an ancient mansion that formerly existed on the spot. The only remains of the old house which have survived to our day consist of some old timbers and a chimney-stack of stone and brick on the south side of the cottage, containing two fire-places of carved stonework on the ground and upper floor-levels respectively. Each fire-place has a moulded four-centred Tudor arch with moulded jambs, and the work apparently dates either from the late fifteenth or early sixteenth century. Time has dealt more hardly with the upper one, which is badly chipped and knocked about, but the moulding is of a more delicate section than that of the 

lower fire-place (as can be seen by comparing the two sections, which are drawn to the same scale), and the spandrils are hollowed out to form a trefoil design with small cusps. Its bad condition is no doubt owing to the softness of the clunch or chalk of which it is built, a material admirably adapted for carving, but not for withstanding rough usage.
   Greater interest, however, attaches to the fire-place on the ground floor, by reason of its more perfect state and the heraldic carvings of its spandrils. It is difficult to say of what kind of stone it is constructed, as it has been so obscured by coats of dirty brown paint, but it appears to be some kind of limestone, probably from a local quarry. The coat of arms carved in the spandrils is that of the Sybill

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