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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 20  1893  page 1

KENTISH ADMINISTRATIONS, A.D. 1604 TO 1649.  By Leland L. Duncan

THE Kentish Administration 0-rants already extracted from the Act Books of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury and printed in Archaeologia Cantiana extend from 1559 (the first of the existing books) to 1603. To these are now added all the Grants relating to the County for the reigns of James I. and Charles I.ó1604 to 1649.
   Unless otherwise stated, the surname of the person to whom the administration was granted may always be taken to be the same as that of the deceased.
   In making the extracts the following translations have been adopted 
                prox. consang., next of kin.
                nepos ex fratre, brotherís son (or daughter). 
                nepos ex sorore,
sisterís son (or daughter).
                nepos exfilio, grandson (or daughter) by the son.
                nepos exfilia, grandson (or daughter) by the daughter.
   nepos, where it occurs alone, has not been translated, as the relationship expressed thereby may either be nephew or grandson; b., denotes that the deceased was a bachelor; w., a widow; * indicates that deceased died abroad.
   The arrangement of the years here followed is that of the New, or present, Style, but the Acts themselves are dated in the Old Style.

N.B. The following Grant, accidentally omitted, should be added to those for 1600:óFolio
64. Administration granted 24 Nov. 1600 to Anne Lewyn, widow, mother, on the death of John LEWYN, late of Otterinden.


Name of deceased


To whom granted, and relation to deceased

Date of


ANDREW alias Lashe, Thomas
BAINES, Alice.
Alice Andrew alias Lashe, relict. William Blaekwell, son.   4 June 1604
14 April 1604

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