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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 17  1878  pages 48

Pedigree of Darell of Scotney

Family Tree above in plain text:-


George Darell of Cale    =     Mary, da. of George                     Nicholas. = J. Milles.
Hill, Esq. Ob. 1578.              Whithed. Ob. 1585.

John Darell1 of Cale Hill, Esq.    =    Ann, da. and h. of Robert Horne,
Ob. 19 Jan. 1618-19.                    Bishop of Winchester. Ob. 1624-5.

Nathaniel Darell, 4th son. Captain in the Army.    =    Ann Beavoir of Guernsey.

Nat. Darell, Governor of Sheerness 1672, =   .  . .   . . Legge of                 Ann. = . . . .
heir in 1694 of Sir John of Cale Hill.               co. Oxford.                                        Carey.

John Darell, Esq., of Cale Hill.    =    Olivia, 2nd da. of Philip, Viscount Strangford.

Philip Darell, Esq.,    =    Mary, 3rd da. of Robert Gonstantine                4th son, James
of Cale Hill,                        of co. Dorset. Ob. 1785.                                  Darell.

Henry Darell.    =     Eliz. Gage.       John.      Edward.      Philip.      Catherine.      Barbara.

Henry.     Edward.   =   Mary          Philip,        Mary.        Elizabeth.       Lucy.   =   Sir Ed.
                                    Anne            o.s.p.          —               —              Mar.         Hales.
                                   Bullock         1813.      Catherine.   Barbara.        1789.        Ob. 1829

                                       6 sons.                  2 daughters.

George Darell, 2nd son of                =          Mary Lowe    3rd son, Father John Darell, Rector of St Omers
John Darell, became possessed of                                      who discovered the account of Father Blount in
Scotney on the death of his cousin                                      Archives de ľEtat at Brussels, and
Arthur in 1720 after some suits at                                       communicated them to his brother George in a
law with the sisters of Arthur.                                             letter dated St. Omers, Oct. 20,1757.

John Darell of Scotney, who sold the estate 1774-1779.

1 John Darell by his wife Ann Home had ten other sons:—George, Sir Robert (ob. 1645-6, aet. 76); John (ob. 1646, aet. 73) ; James; Nicholas, L.L.D.; Robert; Edward; Henry; George; and Richard. Sir Robert Darell married, 1st, Alice Peyton; and 2nd, Jane Toldervey. His eldest son, Sir John, married, 1st, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Edward Dering; and 2nd, Bridget Denne; he died in 1675, leaving an only child, named after her mother, Elizabeth, who married her first-cousin, Sir John Darell (son of Edward, ob. 1665, who was the second son of Sir Robert). This Sir John Darell was for many years a member of the House of Commons. He died in 1694. Sir Robert Darell's sisters were Ann; Elizabeth=Ric. Sedley; Mary=Geo. Tucker ; and Sarah=Justinian Champneys. Sir Robert's daughter Mary married Sir Francis Clerke of Ulcombe.

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