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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 17  1878  pages 47

Pedigree of Darell of Scotney

Family Tree

Family Tree above in plain text:-


Henry Darell of Scotney.    =    Elizabeth, da. of John               Florence, mar. 1st, .... Hopton ; 2nd
                                               Cheney of Cralle, co.,               Nicholas Pettit; 3rd, John Fallowfeild.

2nd w., Alice, da of           =    Thomas Darell of             =      lst w., Elizabeth, da. of James Horne
Wm. Whetenhall.                     Scotney                                   of Bethersden, co, Kent.

Rose Darell, mar.        "Wm.            Edward            Stephen           Alice, mar.               Ursula, mar.
George Roberts          Darell.           Darell,              Darell1 of         Sir Simon                William Roberts.
of Brenchley, ,                                 2nd son.           Spelmonden.    Harcourt.
who died 1556.

1st w., Ann, da. of Thomas    =    Thomas Darell of    =    2nd w., Mary, da. of Thomas
Hedd of Kent.                              Scotney, 1598.             Roydon of East Peckham.

Mary or Alice, mar.                           Henry Darell    =    Margaret, da. of Sir Edward
John Brooke                                     of Scotney.             Gage of Firle; born 1559.

                     1st w., Ellen,    =    Wm. Darell,    =    2nd w., Elizabeth       2. George.      4. Henry.
                      ob. 1660.                   1st son.                                             3. Thomas.     5. John.

1. Ellen,            2. Ann, mar.             William             Arthur Darell,           1. Mary.      3. Margaret,
    ob. s.p.            Tho. Berkley          Darell,             owner of Scotney          
                           of Spetchley.          ob. an              Ob. s.p.                   2. Lucy,
                                                      infant. 1720.

A continues:-

William Darell     =     Ann, da. of Sir Edward Guldeford                 Robert Darell of
of Gale Hill.                       of Hallden, co. Kent.                             Ospringe, 2nd son.

Sir John Darell of Cale     =     Ann, da. of Ja. Isaacke                   Juliana,    =    John Dering.
Hill. Ob. 6 Sept. 1509.                    of Bekesbourne.                                          Ob. 1517.

Sir James Darell 2 of Gale Hill.     =     Ann, da. of Nicholas Dyker of Rotherfield
Knighted at Tournay. Ob. 1521.                   Pepard, co. Berks. Ob. 1562.

1 Stephen Darell possessed the manor of Horsmonden, and Spelmonden from 1545 until 1560, when he died. By his wife Agnes he left two sons, Henry and George, The latter sold Spelmonden in 1568. Stephen Darell's daughter, Elizabeth, married, 1st, Henry, Lord Abergavenny, who died in 1587; and 2nd, Sir Wm. Sedley of Aylesford, who was created a baronet in 1611. Stephen Darell had another daughter also.
2 Sir James Darell's second son, Nicholas, who died in 1564, married Joane Milles, heiress, of West Shelve in Lenham. Their son Anthony Darell's heiress, Ann Darell, married "William "Wilkinson, who died in 1618.

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