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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 17  1878  page 42

few years later, bought the remainder of the property from the Darells. Mr. Hussey already possessed, by inheritance, a small property in Goudhurst, Kent, adjoining the northern end of the Scotney Estate, and also another in Ticehurst, Sussex, more than two miles off, adjoining the southern extremity of Scotney, both of which were by this purchase included in a ring fence.

Family Tree - Lines 27 to 45

Family Tree above in plain text:-
27. Elizabeth Plompton, 2nd da.   =    Sir John Soothll of Soothill. 
28. Thos. Soothill of Soothill, Esq.   =   Alice, da. of Robt. Nevill of Liversedge.
29. Elizabeth Soothill, da.   =   Percival Amyas of Netherton, Yorks.
30. Elizabeth Amyas, da.   =   John Bosville of Chevett, Yorks.
31. John Bosville of Chevett, s. and h.    =    Joan, da. and h. of Richard Radcliff.
32. Wm. Bosville of Chevett, s. and h.    =    Agnes, da. of Wm. Beiston of Beiston.
33. Alice Bosville, 2nd da. and coh.   =    Rob. Nevill of Ragnall.
34. Sir Geo. Nevill of Thorney    =    Barbara, 5th da. and coh. of Humph. Hercey.
35. Dorothy Nevill.    =    Wm. Farneham of Netherhall.
36. Matthew Farneham, 3rd son.    =    Laurentia, da. of Rich. Barret of Medbourne.
37. Humphrey Farneham.    =    Eliz., da. of Wm. Digby of Welby.
38. Margaret Farneham, da.    =    Thos. Aldersey of Bredgar, Kent.
39, Terry Aldersey, ob. 1670.    =    Eliz., da. and h. of Francis Allard of Biddenden.
40. Wm. Aldersey, 3rd son.    =    1st w., Frances, da. of Thos. Fanshaw of Hartlip.
41. Mary Aldersey, da. and coh.    =    Rev. Rob. Elwick, Vicar of Bredgar, ob. 1722.
42. Anne Elwick, da. and h., ob. 1751.    =    Caleb Jemmett of Maidstone, ob. 1764.
43. Wm. Jemmett of Ashford, ob. 1828.    =    Ellen, da.. and h. of Samuel Munn of Hastings.
44. Anne Jemmett, 2nd da. and coh., ob. 1858.    =    Edw. Hussey of Scotney Castle, Esq.
45. Edw. Hussey of Scotney    = The Hon. Henrietta Sarah Clive, eldest da. of Hon. Robt.
                     Castle, Esq.                           and Lady Harriett Olive (Baroness Windsor).

               Edward         William      Gertrude      Arthur    Mildred = Sir Ralph       Henry
               Windsor,       Clive,           Anne,       Herbert,   Harriet, | Anstruther,     Percy,
                  born           born              born          born        born    |  Bart.             born
                 1855.          1858.            1861.       1863.       1863.  |                       1865.

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