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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 17  1878  page 41

and no clue was ever found to the occurrence, but many years afterwards, John Bailey, who was sexton in the parish from about 1816 to 1867, having occasion to prepare a grave in the south-east aisle of the church which belongs to Scotney, came upon a very solid and heavy oak coffin, studded with large iron nails, and from curiosity, which its peculiar make excited, he raised the lid, which was partially decayed, and to his astonishment found no remains of a skeleton, but only heavy stones apparently put in to give it weight. This account, which is remembered by the present Vicar, Mr Hawkins, and probably by others, gives some confirmation to the foregoing story, which otherwise might have been treated as one of the many similar myths that tradition records, one of which is that a secret passage once existed from Scotney to Bayham, and that a dog being put in at one end came out at the end of a week at the other much exhausted, and with the hair rubbed off his back. It is almost needless to say that no foundation for this tale was ever discovered.
   In 1774 John Darell conveyed the house and part of the estate to one John Richards of Robertsbridge, who has been variously described as a dancing master, a quack doctor, and a mountebank! But whoever he was, he, in 1778 and the following years, resold it to Edward Hussey,* the grandfather of its present owner, who, a 
   * Mr. Edward Hussey's brothers were clergymen; one, the Rev. John Hussey, died in India; the other brother, the Rev William Hussey (born 1752), was Rector of Sandhurst from 1781 to 1831; he married Charlotte, daughter of William Twopeny, Esq., of Rochester, sister of William Twopeny of Woodstock in Tunstall, and aunt of the late Edward Twopeny, who died in 1887, aged 92. Mr Hussey had five sisters, Mrs Streatfeild, Mrs T. Rutton, Mrs Jno. Austen, etc.
   The present owner of Scotney Castle is forty-fifth in direct descent from Charlemagne. We append the last twenty-six descents.

Family Tree - Lines 20 to 26 

Family Tree above in plain text:-
20. Edward III., King of England.   =   Philippa, 3 da. of Wm., Count of Hainault,
21. Lionel, 3rd s., Duke of Clarence, oh. 1368.   =   lst w., Eliz., da. and h. of Wm. de Burgh,
                                                                                                   Earl of Ulster.
22. Philippa Plantagenet, da. and h.   =   Edmund Mortimer, 3rd Earl of March, ob. 1381.
23. Elizabeth Mortimer.    =    Henry Percy (Hotspur), s. of 1st Earl of Northumberland.
24. Elizabeth Percy, ob 1447.   =    John, 7th Baron Clifford, ob. 1423.
25. Thos., 8th Baron Clifford, ob. 1454   =   Joan, da. of Thos., Baron Dacre of I Gillesland.
26. Elizabeth de Clifford, 4th da.   =   2nd h., Wm'. Plomptoh of Plompton.

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