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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 17  1878  page 38

THE ancient Castle of Scotney was one of those small fortified dwellings, which were not uncommon in the maritime counties of Kent and Sussex. They seem to have been erected to resist the sudden attack of lawless and turbulent neighbours, or marauders from the coast, rather than for defence against a siege by more organised enemies. At Scotney, as at Bodiam Castle about twelve miles distant, the moat is only separated by an embankment, a few yards wide, from a river on so much lower a level, that a few men with spades could, in a short space of time, drain all the water from the moat. They would be protected, during the operation, by the high banks of the stream, from any missiles which the defenders of the castle might send forth.
    It is situated on the borders of the parish of Lamberhurst, the church of which is in Kent, but much of its land is in Sussex, and it adjoins Goudhurst, in Kent. Tradition states that the site of the castle is partly in Kent and partly in Sussex; the little river Bewl or Beaul (which now divides the counties) having formerly flowed through the site, now occupied by the castle and its surrounding moat. This seems probable from the appearance of the ground; for the stream now runs parallel to the moat, for about 200 yards, and this is almost the only straight portion of its very tortuous course. During some alterations made in 1863, a row of piles was discovered on each side of the western embankment of the moat, where, from the lie of the ground, it looked likely that the river once flowed through, thus rendering necessary such a protection of the bank. Some years ago, when a servant was drowned in the moat, there was grave doubt whether the Sussex or the Kentish coroner should hold the inquest; and early in this century a 'member of the family, having to prove which county he was born in, found much difficulty in doing so.

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