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     Archaeologia Cantiana -    Vol. 16  1886  page 151
                    BARFRESTON CHURCH IN A.D. 1840.  By R.C. Hussey, F.S.A.  Continued

   It is seldom that any record of the erection of a rural church is met with; and in this respect that of Barfreston is no exception to the general rule. History, however, supplies some information relating to another building, which may possibly have been connected with it. In 1185 Baldwin succeeded to the See of Canterbury, and subsequently began the foundation of a monastic establishment at Hackington next Canterbury. This alarmed the monks of Christ’s Church, in Canterbury, who, believing the Archbishop was intent on rearing a new monastery that should supersede their own, strenuously opposed his proceedings, and besought the support of the Crown and of the Pope, by both of whom he was enjoined to desist, but without avail; for the church (or chapel), which was first constructed of deal boards, became transformed to a 

building of masonry. Eventually, the Archbishop joined in a Crusade, and died in the Holy Land in November 1190. As soon as the intelligence of his death arrived, the new erections at Hackington were destroyed. Here then is evidence that, within reach of Barfreston, a building was raised and soon afterwards destroyed which, in the date of its architecture, and therefore in the features of its decorative masonry, as well as in the bulk of rough materials it must have furnished, would supply all the peculiarities found in the church at this place; as there is no record of any connection between the two localities, they can be linked together by no stronger tie than conjecture; and all that can be said on the subject is, that Archbishop Baldwin’s church at Hackington may perhaps have supplied the materials for that at Barfreston.

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