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     Archaeologia Cantiana -    Vol. 16  1886  page 148
                    BARFRESTON CHURCH IN A.D. 1840.  By R.C. Hussey, F.S.A.  Continued

corresponding with that on the outside of the building, was found, much worn by exposure to the weather.*  It had been worked on the back edge of a corbel carved with a rose, and suitable for the external cornice; the rose was quite clean, as if new, and, from its style, perhaps rather older than the string moulding. In the same place was also found a head, and a corbel-head like those in the cornice, and another small head of apparently later date. In all the walls, fragments of squared stones and ashlar which had been used in some former building were found; as were also two or three fragments of patterns inlaid in stone, of character resembling that marked above. Part of the external string, on the North side of the chancel, was worked on the back edge of corbels corresponding with those in the cornice; and as two (I think) of these corbels at the North-east part of the nave were decayed, their 

place was supplied with others, taken from the chancel string; and. that string was made good with new stone.
   The mortar used in the construction of the chancel arch, and the recesses at the sides of it, was of rather darker colour than that of the rest of the building. But the upper part of the walling, over the chancel arch, was built with light-coloured mortar. Very rough arches, formed with flints, were found, at the level of the lower impost mouldings, in the side next the nave, of the walling at the back of the recesses. In the Southern recess, there was some appearance of there having been a small opening through to the
   * This had been placed where it was found long after the erection of the church; possibly when the West window was introduced; but much more probably in some modern repair.

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