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     Archaeologia Cantiana -    Vol. 16  1886  page 145
                    BARFRESTON CHURCH IN A.D. 1840.  By R.C. Hussey, F.S.A.  Continued

of the gable are new (copied from the old), and the whole of the gable coping is new; there are also a few new stones built into the gable, arid a small figure in relief (taken from the weathering courses over the Southern of the arched recesses before mentioned) was fixed in it. A large part of this end of the church was rebuilt. On the North side of the chancel very few new stones were required; but most of the flint walling, below the string, was renewed.
   Throughout the building, stone weathering courses were fixed in the bottom of the outside niches, instead of modern tile weatherings which had previously been introduced; and the flint walling, wherever found to be unsound, was thoroughly repaired.
   Inside the nave, the recesses which had been formed in the Eastern part of the side walls were filled up. The base of the Eastern jamb of the Eastern-most window on tile 

South side, and the string under it (from the middle of this window Eastward) are new. The upper part of the West wall, which was originally built of less thickness than the part below, and had. been filled out with plastering, is now filled out with walling. Both bases of the Easternmost window on the North side are new; as is also the string under this window, on which figures are carved, except one stone at each end of this portion; these two stones were in their present positions, but it is doubtful whether they are coeval with the church.
   The upper part of the East wall of the nave, above the chancel arch, was shored up while the whole of the work below was entirely rebuilt; and, as this was a few inches out of an upright, the new foundations were shifted slightly Westward, to bring them plumb under the gable. The walling of part of the gable

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