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     Archaeologia Cantiana -    Vol. 16  1886  page 144
                    BARFRESTON CHURCH IN A.D. 1840.  By R.C. Hussey, F.S.A.  Continued

given to both shafts, and a new base to the Western; and a few new stones were inserted in the jambs. To the North doorway, a tympanum (which the construction shewed to have formerly existed) was supplied. On the exterior of the North wall of the nave, the impost-moulding, and the first stone of the hood-moulding over it, of the West jamb of the Western niche (above the string-moulding) were renewed. The lower part of the North-east quoin of the nave was rebuilt; and it was found necessary here to make a small break in the outer face of the wall. A few years before the repairs herein particularized were begun, three new corbel heads had been fixed in the cornice at the West end of the South side of the nave, and part of the cornice on the North side had been repaired.
   Outside the chancel, on the South side, the jambs and heads of both windows are new; as is also the sculptured 

border to the East jamb of the niche between the windows, together with two springing stones and the corbel head on the Eastern side of the niche. The flint walling below the string on the South side was entirely rebuilt. At the East end, the two arched recesses, below the windows, including their piers, were rebuilt on new foundations; a few new stones were introduced in them; and the two weathering courses over them are entirely new; the old weatherings were not original, and a moulding of later date than the church, on one of the stones, shewed it to have been taken from some more recent building. Two new stones were required in the circumference of the circular window. A few new stones were also inserted in the upper string, and five in the weathering course over this string. The two upper stones of both knees

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