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     Archaeologia Cantiana -    Vol. 16  1886  page 143
                    BARFRESTON CHURCH IN A.D. 1840.  By R.C. Hussey, F.S.A.  Continued

Eastern, were greatly dilapidated. The South wall was penetrated by ivy, which, though cut away and destroyed externally, was rooted in the walling, and continued to grow into the inside of the building. The mortar, which appeared never to have been good, had lost its tenacity, and, where the cracks had spread in the walls, it could be taken out in loose pieces and crushed in the hand: the flints, of which the walls are mainly composed, were also loose, and could be taken out with the hand. The ashlar masonry, which is of Caen stone, was mostly sound.
   A large recess had been rudely formed in the lower part of the Eastern end of each side wall of the nave, intended, probably, to give a little additional room for an altar on each side of the. chancel arch. Their effect had been to promote the defects in the adjoining parts of the building.
   One of the mullions of the circular window, in the 

Eastern gable, was of oak; and much of the distortion of this window, and of the injury to the fabric, above and about it, appeared to be owing to the compression caused by the decay of the wood.
   In carrying out the repairs in 1840, all ashlar masonry (unless otherwise herein described) was replaced exactly according to the original arrangement, with the surface undisturbed even by the removal of the lichens growing on it. In the few parts where decay or former alterations rendered new stone work necessary, this has been rigidly copied from the old work. No part of the building was disturbed, beyond what was needful to put it into a sound condition.
   Outside the nave, three new stones were introduced in. the South-west quoin, and four in the South-east. In the South doorway, new plinths were

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