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     Archaeologia Cantiana -    Vol. 16  1886  page 142

By R.C. Hussey, F.S.A.

BARFRESTON CHURCH*, before the repairs carried on in 1840, was in a ruinous condition. The quoins were breaking away from the walls, and numerous cracks, in different parts of the building, had reappeared through the internal plastering and whitewash which had been renewed about three years previously.
   The North-east quoin of the nave was in an especially bad state; and that part of the partition between the nave and chancel which was attached to this quoin was greatly shattered and much out of an upright. It was still gradually moving, although an iron tie had been fixed across the East end of the nave, above the chancel arch, as a security; and  nave is 16 feet 8 inches; of chancel 13 feet 7 inches.

the chancel arch was very greatly distorted. An iron tie had also been fixed across the inside of the East end of the chancel; but the failure in that part was still increasing.
   There was no tie beam to the roof of either the nave or chancel, and both roofs seemed to have expanded, in some degree, and thrust out the side walls. The foundations were firm; but all the walls (except the Western, which, owing to the state of the weather, was not plumbed) were found to be out of an upright.
   The walls of the chancel, most especially the
   * The total length within the walls is 43 feet 7 inches; of which the chancel occupies 16 feet 7 inches. The width of

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