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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 168
FORTY RECTORS OF ADISHAM.  By the Rev. Canon Scott Robertson  Continued

Vicarage of East Peckham. Upon his institution to Adisham he resigned East Peckham. He held the Seventh Prebend in Canterbury Cathedral from 1744 until his death on the 19th of May 1770. To Maidstone Church his body was carried for interment, and there his remains lie.

THE HON. JAMES CORNWALLIS held this benefice for five months, from May to October 1770, when he resigned it, and became a Prebendary of Westminster Abbey and Rector of Wrotham. He had held the benefices of Ickham (1769-78), and Boughton Malherb. He was appointed Dean of Canterbury in 1775; Bishop of Lichfield 1781; Dean of Windsor 1791-4; and he succeeded to the Earldom of Cornwallis in 1823.

JOHN LYNCH, LL.D., second and youngest son of the Dean of Canterbury, held this benefice for ten years 1771-81. When Dr. Richard Palmer resigned the Fifth Prebendal Stall at Canterbury in 1781, it was arranged that Dr. Lynch should have that stall, and that Dr. Palmer's son should have this benefice. Dr. Lynch, after he was a Canon, became likewise Archdeacon of Canterbury (1788-1803), and 

Rector of St. Dionis Backchurch, London. His elder brother, Sir William Lynch, K.B., was M.P. for Canterbury 1768, but died in 1785. Their mother was a daughter of Archbishop Wake.

JOHN PALMER, B.A. (who thus obtained the Rectory of Adisham through his father's resignation of a Canonry at Canterbury), was inducted on the 29th of April 1781, and held the benefice during many years.

W.W. DICKINS was Rector from 1818 to 1862.

HENRY MONTAGU VILLIERS, M.A. of Christ Church, Oxford, son of a late Bishop of Durham, was collated to this benefice in 1862, and held it until the end of 1881, when he was appointed Vicar of St. Paul's, Knightsbridge.

JAMES HASLEWOOD CARR, M.A., and formerly a Fellow, of the University of Durham, was collated to this rectory in December 1881. He had held the benefice of Broadstairs, in Thanet, from 1866 to 1881.

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