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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 167
FORTY RECTORS OF ADISHAM.  By the Rev. Canon Scott Robertson  Continued

was ejected in 1648. In 1660 he petitioned the House of Lords for restoration to it May 18, and for this rectory on June 20. The Parliamentary Committee of Religion on January 5, 1640-1, directed him and other Licensers of the Press to be summoned before them for licensing unorthodox books. Dispossessed by the Parliament, in 1643, he lived just long enough to see the Restoration both of Charles II and of his own benefice. In July 1660 he was made Dean of Worcester, but he died, at Oxford in October 1661.

PETER DU MOULIN (whose father of the same name was a French Refugee for the sake of religion, whom Archbishop Abbot collated to a Prebendal Stall at Canterbury) succeeded his father in the Fourth Prebend at Canterbury, and was instituted to the Rectory of Adisham in November 1661. It would seem to have happened, that when Dr. Oliver was dispossessed, in 1643, Dr. Du Moulin became minister here; although one Charles Nichols is mentioned by Lewis, as being dispossessed here in 1662. Du Moulin died in October 1684, and was buried at Canterbury Cathedral, where his wife Ann had been interred January 19, 1680. His curate, Mr. Robert Dalechampe, had been buried in the Cloisters there on the 11th January 1678.

JOHN BATTELY, S.T.P., who was born November 11, 1646, in the parish of St. Jame's, Bury St. Edmunds, and obtained a Fellowship in Trinity College, Cambridge,

succeeded Dr. Du Moulin here November 19, 1684. In 1688, on the 5th of November, he was collated to the First Prebendal Stall in Canterbury Cathedral; having previously been installed as Archdeacon of Canterbury on the 24th of March 1687-8. It is said that he brought from the Cathedral that Early English carved panelling which formerly constituted the reredos of the high altar in Adisham Church, but is now in the south transept. He died October 10, 1708, and was buried in the Cathedral on the 14th.

JOHN GREENE, S.T.P, held this benefice for eight or nine years from November 1708. He resigned it upon his promotion to the Rectory of St. Martin's in the Fields, London, in February 1717; whence he was preferred to the See of Norwich in 1721.

BALTHAZAR REGIS, S.T.P., was Rector of Adisham during forty years, from March 1717 to January 5, 1756-7. With this benefice he held the Rectory of Little Mongeham and a Canonry at Windsor.

FRANCIS WALWYN, S.T.P., 1756-7. He was educated at Maidstone, and from the grammar school there he obtained in March 1716-7 a Scholarship on Mr. Gunsley's Foundation at University College, Oxford. He became Rector of Great Mongeham, and was from 1745-57, Rector of St. Mary Bredman, Canterbury, with which he held (1752-6) the

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