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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 164
FORTY RECTORS OF ADISHAM.  By the Rev. Canon Scott Robertson  Continued

WALTER ESTON died in 1456, holding this benefice.

DAVID BLODWELL (Licentiate in Laws) was instituted May 4, 1456, by Archbishop Bourgchier (63b), in succession to Eston.

WILLIAM SAUNDER was Rector of Adisham when he died, in 1472. He held the Prebend of Chamberlain Wood, in St. Paul's Cathedral, from 1456 to 1472.

JOHN PARMENTER (Licentiate in Laws) was instituted March 19, 1472-3, by Archbishop Bourgchier (107b). He had been Rector of Newchurch until February 1472-3, and he held the Canonry of Twitham at Wingham for one month, June 26 to July 24, 1475. He died in 1501, and was buried at St. Alphege Church in Canterbury, of which he was then Rector. An inscription on brass commemorates him there.

DAVID WILLIAMS was Rector of Adisham when he died in 1491.

HENRY COWPER, Bachelor of Law, was collated here December 31, 1491, by Archbishop Morton (151a). He obtained, in 1493, a Canonry at Wingham, but he died in 1500, holding this benefice.

ROBERT WOODWORD (Doctor in Decrees) was instituted September 9, 1500, by Archbishop Morton (168b). During twenty-six years he held the Prebendal Stall of Retling at Wingham (1505-31), but he resigned this 

rectory in 1523, when a pension of 24 per annum, out of its proceeds, was reserved to him, for his life. It was paid by three of his successors. He was Warden of All Souls College, Oxford, from 1528 to 1533. While he was incumbent here, Archbishop Warham held his Visitation in 1511, when it was "presented" that the Lady Chancel was not tiled, and the churchwardens were directed to tile it. The churchyard walls needed repair, and a gutter spoiled a north wall of the church by its droppings.

THOMAS WELLES, S.T.P., Bishop of Sidon and Prior of St. Gregory's, Canterbury, was instituted December 7, 1523, by Archbishop Warham (385a), whose chaplain he was, but he did not retain this benefice more than two years. A native of Hampshire, and a Wykehamist scholar, he became a Fellow of New College, Oxford, in 1484. He entered St. Gregory's Priory at Canterbury, and as a Canon there he was ordained, in June 1490, by the Bishop of Ely. From 1499 to 1505, he held the Rectory of Heyford Warren. Before 1511, he became Prior of St. Gregory's, and, in 1515, Bishop of Sidon. In April 1508 he had entered on the Rectory of Chartham. He likewise occupied the post of Arch-presbyter in Ulcombe Church until he exchanged it in 1512, March 31, for a Canonry at South Malling. In 1514 he was admitted Vicar of Lydd; he also held the Rectory of Woodchurch. In 1522 he was Vicar of Holy Cross, Westgate, Canterbury.
JOHN ALESSE resigned the Rectory of Adisham in 1526.

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