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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 163
FORTY RECTORS OF ADISHAM. By the Rev. Canon Scott Robertson  Continued

Wingham, became Rector of Adisham March 9, 1378-9, by exchange. He had been Chantry Priest at Lukedale.

JOHN PROPHET, Chaplain to Archbishop Courtenay, occupied this benefice for four years, from 1382 to 1386; holding, also, a Prebendal Stall at Wingham. He became a Prebendary of Lincoln in 1387, and was preferred to the Rectory of Orpington in 1392, but vacated it for the Deanery of Hereford in 1393. Enjoying the favour of King Henry IV, he became a Secretary of State and a Prebendary of York both in (6 H. IV) 1404; and Prebendary of Leighton Buzzard at Lincoln in 1405. Henry V made him Keeper of the King's Privy Seal in 1411. In 1407 he was called to preside over York Cathedral; and while Dean of York he died, in 1416. A very fine monumental brass marks his grave, in the Church of Ringwood, Hants.

WILLIAM LYE, who was Rector of Hasely, in the diocese of Lincoln, obtained this benefice, May 20, 1386, by exchanging with Dr. Prophet. There is, however, another record of his institution in 1389, May 18. He held the Canonry and Prebendal Stall of Wimelingwold at Wingham. In December 1390, he exchanged that stall together with this benefice for the Rectory of Northfleet.

REGINALD DE COBEHAM, one of the illustrious house of Cobham, became Rector, December 2, 1390, by exchange with Wm. Lye. He was a brother of Thomas de 

Cobham of Beluncle; of whose will, made in 1367, Reginald was an executor. He held the Rectory of Cowling * from 1364 to 1380 and probably longer. In 1377 he obtained, in Salisbury Cathedral, the Canonry and Prebendal Stall of Writtlyngton and Fordington. That dignity he exchanged in February 1378-9 for the Rectory of Northfleet, which in 1390 he exchanged for the Canonry of Wimelingwold at Wingham, and this rectory. He died in 1402; and over his grave, in the north aisle of Cobham Church, there is a monumental brass representing him in a processional cope standing upon a long-stemmed bracket.

JOHN BOLDE was instituted March 22, 1430-1, by Archbishop Chichele (189b).

VINCENT CLEMENT, S.T.P., who was collated November 23, 1444, by Archbishop Stafford (81a), held the benefice only a few years. He obtained the Prebendal Stall of Twitham at Wingham, which he held at his death in 1475. He likewise held Prebends at Hereford (1452), Lincoln (1452), and Lichfield (1458); and he was Archdeacon of Wilts, Winchester, and Huntingdon.
   * Another Reginald de Cobham, son of Henry 1st Lord Cobham, son of Henry 1st Lord Cobham, was Rector of Cowling from 1318 to April 25, 1325, when he is said to have died (Regist. Spirit. Roffen., F, folio 73a). In October 1320 this Reginald was still a minor, under age, and only in subdeacon's orders. Possibly Reginald the Rector of Adisham was born after the death of the former Reginald Cobham.

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