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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 162

By the Rev. Canon Scott Robertson

MASTER RICHARD was Rector in 1285 (Peckham's Register, 30).

THOMAS DE UPTON, who held this benefice in 1288, was ordained priest at Croydon in March 1288-9 by Archbishop Peckham (Register, 135a). One of the Prebendal Stalls at Wingham was conferred upon him in 1299, and he occupied it until 1311. He is buried in Adisham Church.

RICHARD DE NORWICH was Rector in February 1349-50; when Archbishop Islip (Register, 12a) gave him permission to celebrate divine worship in the Rector's Manse here. Perhaps the church was then under repair. In September 1356 the same Primate, at Tenham, issued a commission granting jurisdiction here to Ric. de Norwich and Master William Goudwyne "juris peritus" jointly and severally (Register, 127b). He was presented to the Prebendal Stall or Canonry of Pedding at Wingham in 1352. King Edward III appointed him a Prebendary of St. Paul's in 1354, and Archdeacon of Norwich in 1355. He died in 1361.

JOHN CODYNTON made his will in 1369, desiring to be buried in the chapel of St. Thomas the Martyr here. (Wittlesey's Register, 107b.)

RICHARD DE WARMINGTON, Canon of Chilton in Wingham College, whose will was proved in 1378, desired to be buried in the chancel here, next to the grave of Roger Dygge, who may have been a previous Rector. (Sudbury's Register, 100b.)

WILLIAM DAPAR was instituted, March 8, 1378-9, in succession to Warmington; but he, on the following day, effected an exchange with the Rector of Penshurst. He subsequently became Rector of St. Mary Moisy, Friday Street, London; and in 1386, Rector of Woodchurch.

JOHN OVYNG, Rector of Penshurst, and Canon of Pedding at
   * In 1292, the value of this benefice (with the chapelry of Staple) was 80 marks (53 6s. 8d.) per annum. The valuation made in 1535 puts the tithes at 35 14s. 8d., and the rent of glebe at 8s. per annum; out of which income, 6 13s. 4d. per annum was paid to a priest serving at Staple; 26s. 8d. for proxies and synodes; and 20d. to the manor of Adisham for rent; leaving a net income of 28 1s. 0d. It was valued at 160 per annum in 1588, and in 1640; and at 500 in 1800. The tithes of Adisham were commuted at 719; and those of Staple at 592. The latter parish was made a separate benefice upon the death of Mr. Dickins in 1862.

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