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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 150

   Over the whole of this eastern range the dormitory extended, communicating with the church and cloister by the gallery and stair at its north end. Some remains of its western windows may be seen over the chapter house and parlour. The space over the most eastern severy of the chapter house was divided off, by a wall, from the dormitory; and perhaps served as the muniment room and treasury.
   At a distance of 47 Ĺ ft. from the east wall of the common house, and parallel with it, are the remains of the infirmary hall, which was a large apartment 47ft by 27ft. This hall forms one side of a quadrangular court, of which the common house and necessarium formed the west and north sides. The south side was bounded by a wall, which perhaps had a pentice communicating with the common house. North of the infirmary was the canon's cemetary. Other portions of the infirmary, south of this hall, still await the spade and pick of the excavator.
   The cloister quadrangle, 72 ft 3 in. by 70 ft. 5 in., is nearly complete; the south-west angle being the only portion quite destroyed. The north wall has at present four 

openings, of which the most western is the procession door, and the most eastern the cloister door; the other two are recent gaps in the masonry, which ought to be filled up. The east wall is quite complete, and pierced by four doors; one into the transept; a second for the quasi-daystairs; a third into the chapter house, having a window on each side with marble jamb-shafts; and a fourth into the regular parlour. On the south side is what looks like a modern farm-house, with a very picturesque Elizabethan porch; but which, on examination, proves to be the refectory or fratry. This very necessary apartment is, unlike the other buildings, raised upon an undercroft of four severies, which were vaulted with quadripartite groins, of which only the springers now remain. The easternmost severy is walled off, apparently to form a slype, but its entrances are now blocked. There is another curious feature about the refectory. While the undercroft is only 20ft. wide, the apartment above it, which was the fratry proper, was 24 ft. wide and extended for about 42 ft. from the west wall of the common house. The increased

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