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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 142

Thom. Canterbury; Thom. Howlett, vicarius; Robt. Johnson, vicarius; Will. Heysted; Dominus Jugerinus, quondam abbas; Joh. Newyngton; Rich. Belton; Will. Bylloke; Thom. Martyn.
   Three years later, the following are the Nomina Canonicorum: Dominus Johannes Newyngton, abbas; Dominus Jugerinus Franceys, quondam abbas (Vicarius de River); Fr. Willielmus Kyrkeby, supprior; Fr. Thomas Howlett, vicarius de Schepwold; Fr. Thomas Canterbury; Fr. Willielmus Wyngham, presbiter; Fr. Edmundus Norwich, presbiter; Fr. Gylbertus Babram, accolitus.
   The indefatigable Leland also visited (in another sense) the Abbey a few years before its suppression, and recorded: *
   "S. Radigundis standeth on the toppe of a hille iij litle myles by west and sumwhat by sowth from Dover. There be white chanons and the quier of the chyrcheis large and fayr. The monastery ys at this time netely mayntayned, but yt appereth that yn tymes past the buildings have bene ther mor ample than they be now. There ys on the hille fayre wood, but fresch water lakyth sumtyme."

   The Abbey was suppressed in 1538, with the lesser monasteries; its clear annual value being £98 9s. 2 1/2d.; and its total value £142 8s. 9d. The house was then under the rule of Thomas Dale, prior; the abbacy being vacant. †
The site ‡ was granted by the King to Archbishop Cranmer, but shortly afterwards returned by him to the King, by way of exchange. Leases for lives were subsequently granted to various tenants, but Hasted's account of the grant to the Earl of Essex, and its forfeiture, is an error. Queen Elizabeth, by deed dated Jan. 31st, in the 32nd year of her reign, sold and granted the Abbey and its appurtenances to Simon Edolph in fee, he having previously been a lessee for life. This grant and the subsequent title-deeds are now at Pett Place, Charing. Simon Edolph altered the buildings and resided there. The flint chequer-work,
   * Iten., vii., p. 127.
    † Or perhaps the Abbot, like his brethren at Glastonbury, Reading, etc., refused to surrender the Abbey, and was turned adrift in the world without losing his life, as they did.
    ‡ For these notes I am indebted to the owner of St. Radegund's, John Sayer, Esq., of Pett Place, Charing.

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