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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 131
                      ICKHAM CHURCH, ITS MONUMENTS AND ITS RECORDS By the Rev  Scott Robinson Continued

   (25) JOHN SWAN, "Minister of Ickham," in October 1642, made an affidavit setting forth the opposition raised by the Mayor and Churchwardens of St. Clement's, Sandwich, against the induction of the Rev. Hope Sherrard.* The Ickham Register states, that "Anne Swan wife of John Swan minister of this parish was buried here March 20, 1645/6." At the death of Archdeacon Kingsley, in 1648, there was no Archbishop, and John Swan seems to have remained here until 1662; when he was ejected for Nonconformity.
   (26) MERIC CASAUBON, who was born at Geneva in 1597, but came to England with his father, Isaac Casaubon, in 1610, and was early appointed Rector of Minster in Thanet, and of Monkton, succeeded to this benefice after the Restoration. His collation to it by Archbishop Juxon took place Oct. 4, 1662. He had been presented to the ninth prebendal stall in Canterbury Cathedral in 1628, when he was thirty-one years of age; and he occupied it during forty-three years. His epitaph in the Cathedral erroneously states that he held a canon's stall for forty-six years; it points with admiration to his great erudition, and to his 

descent from Robert Stephens, his great-grandfather, and Henry Stephens, his grandfather. He died in July 1671, in the seventy-fifth year of his age. His mind and temper, with regard to the controversies of the time of Laud, may be gathered from his reply to a petition from Minster against him in 1641. He said, "My curate refused to administer the communion to two that would not come up to the rails; which, when I heard, I disliked; and he did it no more; at Christmas 1639 I was there myself, and administered unto all those that did not, as well as those that came up to the rails. I was at the charge of decent rails. As for bowing, I never used it till we were commanded it in our cathedral of Christ Church, and that I saw it generally practised by others."
   (27) SAMUEL PARKER, S.T.P., a learned Fellow of the Royal Society, Archdeacon of Canterbury 1670-88, and Rector of Chartham 1667-71, was collated to Ickham in 1671 by Archbishop Sheldon, whose chaplain he was. Born in 1640, the son of a learned Serjeant-at-Law, John Parker,
   * Sixth Report of Historic MS. Commission, 207b.

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