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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 129
                      ICKHAM CHURCH, ITS MONUMENTS AND ITS RECORDS By the Rev  Scott Robinson Continued

Somner was therefore much, puzzled by the title given to, and claimed by him, of "bishop in the universal church."
   (17) JOHN FRANKELYN was instituted by Archbishop Morton on the 15th of February 1498-9, and held this benefice during thirty-six years. He died here in 1535, and left a legacy to Well Chapel. When Archbishop Warham held his visitation in 1511, complaint was made, by some one connected with Well Chapel, that the "Parson of Ikham" withheld a chantry. The record states, however, that "Sir John Frankelyn" appeared, and producing the foundation charter proved that he did nothing contrary to the terms of the foundation. At the same time it was stated that the churchyard fence at Well required mending, and that the bell-frames there needed repair. Also, from Ickham, the wardens complained that the chancel of Ickham Church was not repaired. John Frankelyn's will, dated 9th Sept. 1535, is preserved at Canterbury. He seems to have been a native of Warwick, where he directed that 10 masses should be said for the souls of himself, his father Robert, and his mother Alice Frankelyn, of my lord John Morton, Mr. Thomas Maddies, and Sir Thoms Typpis. He bequeathed 20s. towards the paving or other repair of Ickham Church; to which he also left a 

silver gilt chalice, a corporas, a superaltare, altar clothes, cruets, a mass-book, and a surplice, which he had used in his chapel. He directed that, every fourth week, throughout the year, the three curates of Ickham, Wickham, and Littlebourne, and their clerks, should meet in Ickham Church, and all sing Dirige with the whole service, for his soul; and also on the same day or the next, they should sing 3 masses of the Trinity, Our Lady, and Requiem.
   (18) THOMAS BARON, M.A., was collated to this living by Archbishop Cranmer on the 24th of September 1535.
   (19) EDMUND CRANMER was collated hither by his brother, the Archbishop, on the 2nd of September 1547. He had been Archdeacon of Canterbury, and Provost of Wingham from the 9th of March 1533-4; he likewise held the rectory of Cliff-at-Hoo, and 1549-54 the sixth prebendal stall in Canterbury Cathedral. In 1542 he contributed 20 towards the loan granted in that year to King Henry VIII. Archdeacon Cranmer retained this benefice until March 1553-4; when, under Queen Mary, he was deprived

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