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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 127
                      ICKHAM CHURCH, ITS MONUMENTS AND ITS RECORDS By the Rev  Scott Robinson Continued

    (7) WILLIAM BRODELE, who was Rector of Eynsford, was admitted to this benefice in July 1351, but he retained it not long.
   (8) WILLIAM HEGHTRESBURY, "Professor of the Sacred Page," a man especially learned in Holy Scripture, was instituted to Ickham in October 1354. He was a Canon of Sarum, and also Canon of Wimelingwold in Wingham Collegiate Church. Some of the parishioners were subtracted from and detained parts of his tithes, so that in November 1359 the Provost of Wingham, John Severleye, received from Archbishop Islip a commission to inquire into the matter. Heghtresbury died here in 1372, having been Chancellor of Oxford in the previous year. By his will (in Archbishop's Whittlesey's register, fol. 126b) he bequeathed several books and vestments to Ickham Church, wherein he was buried.
   (9) JOHN COLTHORP of Denford, in Lincoln diocese, was instituted in November 1372, but in less than four years he exchanged with
   (10) WALTER DE FORYNDON (or FARNDON), Rector of Whitchurch, then in the diocese of Lincoln, who was admitted to this benefice on June 27, 1376. After holding it for ten years he exchanged with
   (11) WILLIAM BLANKPAYN, Rector of Orset, 

whose name seems to mean White-bread, or Whitbread. He was instituted on the 15th of September 1386, having already, for some years, held a Canon's stall at Wingham. He, like his predecessor Heghtresbury, was learned in the Scriptures, "Professor of the Sacred Page."
   (12) PHILIP ROGGERS, who was Archbishop Courtenay's crossbearer, succeeded to this benefice on the 3rd of June 1390. How long he held it we do not discover. It is not probable that he retained it for forty-two years; nevertheless we know not the name of any other rector until 1432.
   (13) RICHARD VINCENT was instituted by Archbishop Chicheley, May 22, 1432; he was also a Canon of Wingham. He retained this rectory for forty-one years, and died in 1473.
   (14) NICHOLAS BULFYNCH, in Decretis Baccalaureus, who had for a few months already been a Canon of Wingham, was admitted to Ickham by Archbishop Bourgchier on the 5th of Nov. 1473. He retained this benefice for nearly fifteen years, and then he effected an exchange with
   (15) JOHN HERVY, another learned lawyer, in Dec. Bac., who was Rector of St. Michael in Crooked Lane, London. This

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