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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 125
                      ICKHAM CHURCH, ITS MONUMENTS AND ITS RECORDS By the Rev  Scott Robinson Continued

There was here a curious endowment, for a man who should nightly ring the curfew bell. It was founded by Richard Townley, who in his will, dated 1525, left a house and garden, in Ickham, for the curfew ringer. A bequest of 6s. 8d. left by "Jaffary Led's window" was the subject of a "presentment" made in 1511 at Archbishop Warham's visitation. John Beke, of Well, was therein charged with wrongfully retaining the bequest.
   To increase the number of sermons in this church, Richard Denne, in 1616, by his will left a house and lands in Ickham; out of the rent of which 1 was to be given, for two additional sermons every year. He directed that the residue of the rent should be distributed among the poor people present, after the sermon was finished.
   In the rectory house, which was much altered by the Rev. J. A. Wright, a portion of the ancient building still remains. This portion is built of stone, in two storeys. The lower room, which is large, and is now used as a kitchen, has an early Tudor window of good design with shafted mullions, and in its ceiling, many well-moulded beams; probably of the time of Henry VII. The upper room has a window of still earlier character.

                                                                             ft.  in.
Length of Church (including Chancel and Tower) 126   9
Length of Chancel                                                 42 10
Length of Nave (including Tower)                          83 11
Width of Nave (including its Aisles)                        39  9
Width of North Aisle                                               8  7
Width of South Aisle                                               7 10
Height of Chancel (to the wall plate)                      19   6
Height of the Chancel Arch                                   24   0
North Transept
From North to South                                            21   8
From East to West                                               15   2
South Transept
From North to South                                            19   8
From East to West                                               16   8
Height of Tower                                                   58   0

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