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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 122
                      ICKHAM CHURCH, ITS MONUMENTS AND ITS RECORDS By the Rev  Scott Robinson Continued

these service-books, he bequeathed for the use of this church a vestment, a chalice, two hand-towels, a pair of corporals, and twenty shillings in money. For the expenses of his funeral he left five marks, directing that to every poor man who attended it the sum of one penny should be given in alms.

   Upon the east wall of the north transept is a singular mural monument, commemorating the right worshipful Sir William Southland, Knight, who dwelt at his house of Lee in this parish. He was born in 1578, the son of William Southland of New Romney, and died in 1638. He purchased the Lee estate during the reign of James I; and his son Thomas was baptized here in 1614. His grandson sold Lee in 1676 to Paul Barrett. This monument strives to remind all beholders of the fleeting nature of life and of time. At the top, are carved two bells, suspended above an hour-glass; below which stands a clock-face, with the sun in its centre. Underneath is a skull, or death's head, flanked by a pair of wings. A shield of arms, reversed by the mason who repaired the monument, bore the Southland Coat (or, a wyvern vert, on a chief gules three spearheads argent

impaling, quarterly 1 and 4 sable a lion rampant; 2 and 3 a chevron between three pheons. Below, appear two hands clasping each the other. The dexter hand represents that of Sir William Southland, and seems to spring out of his armorial coat; the sinister hand is that of his wife, Anne daughter of Michael Beresford, out of whose armorial shield it seems to spring.*
   * The inscription is as follows:—
   Heere in this chancell lyeth interred ye Right Worll Sr Willia' Southland of Lee in this Parish Kt who married Anne daughter of Michael Berisforde of Westerham in Kent Esq and left issue by her two sonns; ye one surviveing wch is Thomas Southland Esq (who married Mary ye daughtr of Sr Thos Springate of the Broyle-Place in Sussex Knt) & ye yonger deceased & left 9 daughtrs, 6 surviveing & 3 deceased
                                              Natus 18 Octobris 1578
                                              Obiit primo Maii 1638
                       Terram terra premit, conclusus carcere carcer,
                       Templum templa tenent, Urnula corpus habet.
                       Invigilat terræ cælum mens claustra reviset,
                       Spiritus et templum; quid faces, urna, cave.
                       Depositum sanctum est; servato fideliter; instat
                       Judicis adventus; cum vocat Ille dato.
                                             Usq. quo, Domine?

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