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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 118
                      ICKHAM CHURCH, ITS MONUMENTS AND ITS RECORDS By the Rev  Scott Robinson Continued

list with 1 each. Lower down, we are told that "Robert Petman" contributed 2s. 6d. A monumental stone in the floor of this chancel informs us that "Robert Pettman" was a brewer in Ickham, who died in 1685, aged seventy years.*  The entry recording the delivery of the sum collected to the authorised receiver is very quaint: "Colected for this Brefe in the parishe of Ikham by Mr. Lee, curat, and John Word and Robert Beake churchwardens of ye said parish, the sume of five pounds fifteene shillings and five pence, and wee say colected towards ye Redemsihon of ye captives in Argier the sume above writen, and paide it the 11th of March 1670 unto Mr Peter Hardes, Receuer; in witness hearof we have set our handes." The curate himself, Samuel Lee, contributed 2s. 6d., Mr. Moyes 5s., Madame Mansel 5s.
   The only other monumental stone in this chancel floor commemorates Admiral Charles Knowler, who married the heiress of John Paramore, and obtained with her a house at Bramling, which Paramore had built. The Admiral died there in 1788; and therein also died his widow, Mrs. Elizabeth Knowler, four years later. The Admiral seems to 

have been a son of John Knowler, whose wife, Elizabeth Jeffery, brought to him in dowry the manor of Well-court, in this parish, which they sold to Robert Daines.

   This is called the Baa or Bay Chancel, and it formerly belonged to the owner of the Bay Farm Estate. From its eastern wall a recess for an altar projects into the churchyard. This projection is clearly an afterthought, as it partially blocks the light from the westernmost chancel window, which was already somewhat crowded by the transept's east wall. On the exterior, the east wall of the recess is carried up, above the level of the wall plate of the transept, and terminates in a pointed gable. In it there is a window, of three
   * Here lieth ye body of Robert Pettman late of this parish, Brewer, who left issue 5 sons and one daughter hee departed this life ye 8th day of June in ye yeare of our Lord 1685 aged seuenty yeares.
    In memory of Admiral Charles Knowler, who died March 26, 1788, aged 81 years
Also of Elizabeth his wife, who died 20th Jany 1782, aged 77 years.

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