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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 99
                                                       THE CHURCH OF STONE IN OXNEY By the Rev E. M. Muriel   Continued

   The whole of the church has been recently restored under the immediate superintendence and greatly to the credit of the Rev. H. P. Edridge, the Vicar, who personally assisted in the work, carefully restoring each part according to the original design.
   The earliest register is that of burials; it is complete from 1567 to the present time; that of baptisms begins in 1573. No marriage took place during the years 1714 to 1717.
   I will mention a few of the entries made in the Registers, or facts derived therefrom:
1625   George Harnett, householder, excommunicate.
1628   Mary, wife of Thos. Fowler, excommunicate.
1630   Margery Harper, excommunicate.
1635   John Tomas, excommunicate.
1638   An Irish travelling man, whose name we cannot
1658   Buried Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Swift, with her
               unchristened child in the same coffin.
1659  May 11   Henry Wood, young man.

          May 21   Henry Wood, old man.
   North-east of the south door there is a stone, popularly supposed to be that on which persons stood to do penance, but I differ from the general opinion. Walcott, in his Sacred Archaeology, says, "The penitents, in haircloth and ashes, stood before the ambon, and from it the Bishop laid hands upon them, after being entreated by his clergy in set forms of address." Now the ambon was an elevated desk or pulpit used for reading the Holy Scriptures, placed in the centre of the nave, either in the middle or on one side; the ambon was in fact the original from which the lectern eagle was derived. I think that this stone was the pedestal of the poor-box (ordered by Edward VI); or, earlier, of a holy water stoup.
   A list of those who did penance here is given in the Register:
   George Holden    did penance  20 July 1620.
   Dorothy Venell    did penance  18 Sep. 1622.
   Margery Harper  did penance  1627.

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