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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 96
APPLEDORE CHURCH. By the Rev. E. M. Muriel     Continued

1753. April 27. Peter Hock, Parish Clerk, who dropd
                          down dead in the Church as He was
                          repeating the Confession.
1783. Feb. 24. William Crust } vir et uxor in eodem
          Feb. 24. Phœbe Crust  } tumulo consepulti.
1787. Jan. 13. Mary Harman, wife of Rd Harman 75.
                         Eheu! quantum jacturę huicVico Accidit
                         ejus morte! Per annos viginti et plures
                         munus docendi maxima fidelitate obibat;
                         et bene, omnium testimonio hic
                         habitantium novit teneram literis imbuere
   Hactenus, J. Jefferson Sepeliendi Munus obiit, Ecclesię hujusce quatenus Minister. Post hac, aliquantam saltem in Temporis munere fungatur lethali.
                       Jos. Natterhouse A.M. e. Coll. Reg. Oxon.
[It appears from the Register that Mr. Jefferson quitted the Cure of Appledore July 1787, and was succeeded by Mr. Natterhouse, who lived only till the Dec. following.]

                         IN APPLEDORE CHURCH.

On a dark slab in the Chancel.
   Here lieth the body of Mr. Francis Crosswell son of Mr. Samuel and Mrs. Jane Crosswell, who departed this life April 22, 1728, ętat. 30.

Mors Janua Vitę.
   Here lieth also the body of the aforesaid Mrs. Jane Crosswell, who departed this life ye 28 July, 1732, in the 76 year of her age.
   Samuel Crosswell, son of the Rev. Francis Crosswell, sometime Rector of Wittersham, died April ye 25th, 1742, aged 82.
   Arms.—A fesse ............... in chief two mullets; impaling quarterly, 1st and 4th, a chevron between three mullets; 2nd and 3rd, a chevron between three escallops.

Slab loose against the East Wall.
   Here lyeth ye body of Samuel Crosswell, son of Samuel Crosswell, grocer, and Jane his wife, of Appledoor, who departed this life 10 August, 1701, aged 9 years and 9 months.

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