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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 95
APPLEDORE CHURCH. By the Rev. E. M. Muriel     Continued

1720. Oct. 21. Thomas Wood, an adult, in ipso articulo
                            mortis, domi, bapizatus.
          Nov. 9. Mary Weller, widow de vita periclitam
                           domi bap'.
1723. May 29. Five children, Alice, Jane, Thomas,
                 Richard, and Lydia, were baptized the same
                 day, with the following note appended.

   Ye Parents, Richard & Anne Russell, of ye above, adhered for some time to a certain sect, called Shakers. Richard Russell the Father during his Life time would never consent to have them baptized; and after his decease ye widow was with great difficulty prevailed upon to let them be baptizeda sort of Mongrol Independants. N.B. Russell, whose Father was a Quaker, was a desciple of one Skeats of Tenterden.
1721. July 3d. Thomas son of Thomas & Elizabeth Boan
                       de vita periclitam domi baptizat. This child,
                       surviving ye Danger, was received into ye
                      Church wth due solemnity July 28, 1721.
1722. Feb. 17. John son of John Day (Glover in the
                         Town) and Anne his wife.
1725. Mar. 25. John son of Thomas & Elizabeth Sharp.
                           N.B.This Child was ye Fruit of

                           Ante-Nuptial Fornication being born
                           March 6 about 5 weeks & 3 days after
     [Several other cases of this kind occur. One on March 4, 1725, of two couples who afterwards performed Public Penance for the same in Appledore Church Nov. 28, 1725.]
   No marriage took place in the years 1743-1744.

1704. May 13. John Grigsby, an ancient Housekeeper,
                          Anabaptist, Burd.
1707. May 14. Richard Fuss, Carpenter, aged 80 years, 
                          a very vigiorous old man.
1727. Mar. 22. Thomas Beere, an honest, sober, pious
                         old man who lived upwards of thirty years
                         in the Vicarage house.
1728. April 29. Mr. Francis (son of Mr. Samuel & Jane)
                         Croswell a modest, sober & virtuous
                         young Gentleman aged 30 y. 10 m. he
                         was buried in the Chancell.
1753. Feb. 7. William Lunt a Dragoonman.

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