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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 94
APPLEDORE CHURCH. By the Rev. E. M. Muriel     Continued

Museum), gives the following particulars respecting this church:
   [Two shields are tricked by Philipot, one shewing argent a piles gules, over all a bar gules; the other bears, within a bordure argent, paly wavy of six or and gules.]
   Written in a window under these arms"W. de Horne et Margareta vxor eivs."
   In another window John Horne, wth ye same arms, are written in ye same character [black-letter capitals]. Their ancient seat was at Hornes Place up toe ye hill syde Nere to wch is Gooseborne, of whose Lords there is mention in ye north wyndow, wth these arms viz.:Sable a fesse or between three geese argent.
   In another window written: "Johes et Elizabetha uxor eius."
   In the south window [are two shields one bearing the arms of Scott impaling those of Lewknor; the other bears Peckham impaling Culpeper].
  Thomas Woolball kneelinge in a window at ye west end of ye church in ye lowest of ye north syde.
   In ye Chancell wyndow ye Prior of St Martens at Dovor kneelinge in ye vestments of his order to wch Place this 

Place belonged, being a part of there Demeanes and since ye Disolution it came with ye rest of ye lands of that house unto ye Archbishops of Canterbury who now are Lords of ye same.
   The steple of this Church was once A Munition Tower and by Bishop Warham made convenient with a sauve door.
   The only Register Book now left contains, on the first leaf, extracts from the old Saxon Chronicles translated by Mr. Johnson, Vicar, but as they are given by Hasted they need not be repeated here.
   The following are extracts from the Register of Christinings (so spelt).
1700. Oct. 13. John Sonningwell, born in the City Bore,
                          upon the Gold Coast in Guinea.   Bap.
1703. July v. John, son of Thomas & Mary Adams, at the
                          Hoath, baptd in articulo mortis domi.
                 (Several others are mentioned in this form.)
1712. Feb. 8. Peter Woodman, a Clinic, upwards of 30,
                          in extremis.
1715. June 19. Mary daughter of two travellers who call
                         themselves William & Anne Critteor.

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