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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 90

   2. I have found a few small fragments of rude partially baked pottery, which in texture and colour exactly resemble Celtic ware.
   3. A quantity of pebbles thoroughly reddened by fire are scattered about on the surface of the ground, and, strange to say, the other stones (with few exceptions) bear no marks of fire or heat whatever.
   In these facts I think we have evidence which, though not conclusive, renders it at least very probable that domestic habitations at some time existed here. The proportion of "scrapers" (which were distinctly domestic implements) is too great to allow us to think that this was merely a hunting-ground, and this fact, together with the occurrence of burnt pebbles (probably used for heating water in wooden vessels) and pottery, certainly favours the idea 

that this was the site of a village or collection of dwellings of some sort.
    I have found worked flints not only in West Wickham, but also in the parishes of Hayes and Keston, which, together with the supposed British pit-dwellings on Hayes Common, seem to render it extremely probable that this settlement may have had some connection with the British Oppidum in Holwood Park, Keston. The discovery of these worked flints is of considerable interest to the antiquary, as West Kent has not hitherto yielded many relics of this kind.
   The upper chalk is found, not far below the surface, at Moll Costen; and outcrops of chalk occur within a quarter of a mile.

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