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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 89

also for scraping or reducing to pulp such roots or vegetables as were of any service for food, etc., and even for assisting, when such instruments as our modern knives and forks were yet unknown, in the services of the feast.
   The class of worked flints usually known as "flakes" is well represented among the implements of West Wickham. Many of them have been wrought with great care, one or two specimens in particular, which, formed of black flint and beautifully glazed by age, present a very similar appearance to implements of obsidian.
   I have several "cores" of precisely the same kind of flint as the flakes which have been struck from them. Besides these, a multitude of other flints have been found of less importance, yet all bearing evidence of having been "worked." There is good reason to think that some of them are flakes spoiled in the making, but others which have 

semicircular indentations chipped out of the edge were probably used for scraping bone needles, arrow-shafts, fishhooks, etc., and others are occasionally found which have been chipped to a point, and which would make really good substitutes for awls or drills of metal. I have also found a quantity of chips of flint, which, from their shape and size, might easily have done service as minute arrow-heads.
   The following facts deserve to be duly considered before passing any judgment upon these remains at West Wickham:
   1. All the worked flints were found in groups of from ten to twelve within a radius of about 5 feet. May not these spots be the sites of former huts or habitations, all other traces of which have perished?

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