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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 75
BRIEF NOTES ON THE HALES FAMILY. By the Rev R. Cox Hales  Continued

extinct, but is now represented by the humble individual who writes this paper.
   The first baronet had two brothers, the elder of whom, William Hales of Bowley and Chilston (a place now owned by Aretas Akers-Douglas, Esq., M.P., a member of our Society), was married to Margaret, daughter of Ralph Heyman, of Tenterden. His elder son John, being impecunious, sold those estates to the baronet's family. The descendents of William Hales, of Bowley and Chilston, subsequently became so much reduced, that Samuel Hales, his great-grandson (who seems to have visited at Hales Place in early life), was obliged to go to sea, as a ship's carpenter. He died at sea, on board H.M.S. "Suffolk" in 1695. Subsequently, the fortunes of this branch of the

family considerably revived, and Major James Hales, my father, was of the opinion that this Samuel was a descendant of Samuel Hales, of Chilston, a son of the first baronet, Sir Edward. A rigid examination shews that this is not so. For the sake of my children, I have had the most searching inquiry made, and the result of it proves that we are descended in a direct line from William Hales, of Bowley and Chilston, next surviving brother of the first baronet Sir Edward Hales.
The pedigree of this branch has been officially investigated by the present Chester Herald (Mr. C. Murray Lane), who is the Registrar of the College of Arms. He certifies that the following sketch of it is correct:

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