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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  pages 67
BRIEF NOTES ON THE HALES FAMILY. By the Rev R. Cox Hales  Continued

May 8, 1666. "Went to visit my cousin Hales at a sweetly watered place at Chilston, near Bocton." As Edward Hales, the son and heir, was baptized 20 March 1666, there probably were great rejoicings and festivities about this period, whereat so noted a person as Evelyn of Sayes Court would undoubtedly be exceedingly welcome. That he was upon very intimate terms with Edward Hales is pretty clear. I may here introduce an extract from the "Book of Expences" kept by George Glanville, Esq., brother-in-law of the author of "Silva:"
                                                                               s.  d.
April   2. 169  Payd for going to see my cousin Hales     00 02 00
July    4.  169 2/3 Frank, servant to Chilson 05 00 00
Aug. 14  Spent in my journey to Chilson                              03 14  0
                Given to Mary                                                            00 02  6
                Given to James                                                           00 01  0
Oct. 21.   Kent, the housekeeper's journey to Chilson         00 10  9
Dec.  1    Frank charges from Chilson                                     10 00  0

Nov.  9.   Sir Thos Hales' man                                                   00  2  6
Jan.   3.    Betty Hales' silk stockins                                         00 12  0
                 Father Hales' tobacco                                               00 04  0
Jan. 17.    Mr. Hales' man for venison                                        0   5  0
Feb.   8.   Sir Thos Hales' man                                                     0   1  0
Mar. 25.  Sir Thos Hales' man                                                      0   1  6
June .      Sir T. H. Gardiners                                                        0    2  0
   When the hospitable owner of Chilston died, so profusely hospitable as to leave his family in difficulties, I do not exactly know, but it was evidently about 1697. Here I must leave them, and go on to speak more minutely respecting the baronet's family.
   The old Sir Edward Hales, like many grandfathers, seems to have been somewhat jealous of the young heir who was to succeed him; and not the less so from the contrariety of their opinions. Let us transport

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