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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  page 16
THE FAMILY OF GUILDEFORD By the Rev. Canon R. C. Jenkins   Continued

Barbara, daughter of Thomas, Lord Delawarr, had three sons, Thomas, their heir, had the honour of entertaining Queen Elizabeth at his mansion of Hempsted, during one of her famous progresses, on August 10th, 1575. From Bedgebury in Goudhurst, the then seat of the Colepepers, the Queen proceeded to Hempsted, accompanied by the Lord Treasurer Burleigh, who, in a letter to Lord Shrewsbury from this place, describes the Queen's journey through the Weald of Kent as more perilous even than that she undertook in the Peak. The present made by Sir Thomas Guldeford to the Queen on this occasion was a bowl of silver, gilt, with a cover with her Majesty's arms crowned. He had by Elizabeth, daughter of John Shelley, Esq., of Michelgrove (the ancestor of the poet), an heir, Sir Henry, who married Lady Elizabeth Somerset, daughter of Edward Earl of Worcester, and their son Edward married 

the daughter of the Hon. Thomas Petre, third son of the first Lord Petre. Edward their son married Anne, daughter of Sir Robert Throckmorton, and dying in 1678 was succeeded by his heir, Robert Guldeford of Hempsted, created a baronet in 1685 by James II. He married Clare, the daughter and heiress of Anthony Thomson, Esq., but leaving no heir the baronetcy became extinct. The estate of Hempsted was sold under an act of Parliament in the reign of Queen Anne, to pay the debts of this last of the Guldefords, with whom the glories and the very name of this great historic house sank into oblivion.
It appears from the later alliances we have mentioned, as well as from the favour bestowed upon Sir Robert Guldeford by James II, so shortly before his exile, that the later generations of the family had

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