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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  page 15
THE FAMILY OF GUILDEFORD By the Rev. Canon R. C. Jenkins   Continued

destroyed; and he said distinctly that if more blood were shed, he and his friends would interfere; the hideous scenes had lasted too long." * We may here gratefully remember that, among the latest descendants of the elder branch of Guldefords, and of the illustrious family of the Dudleys, tracing through the unfortunate Duchess of Northumberland herself, is a nobleman who entertained our Society, with munificient hospitality, on a former occasion of our meeting in West Kent, Lord de Lisle and Dudley.
   The last chapter of our narrative, or we might almost say the last act of hour historic drama, leads us back into those quiet scenes of rural life, from which Jane Guldeford passed so early into the glare and tumult of a court, where the struggle for rank and power was so urgent, and the misery even of success so certain. We fall back, with a sense of relief, on the humbler path of the second branch of the Guldefords, which carried on its succession at Hempsted;

in which that beautiful prayer of Arias Montanus was fulfilled:
   "Instar ut lymphæ in mare defluentis
    Redde me, ut semper sequar ima, semper
    Præbeam prudens humilem me, et alta
    Summaque vitem." †
   George Guldeford, who kept his shrievalty at Hempsted in the 16th of Henry VIII, married Elizabeth, the daughter and heir of Sir Robert Mortimer by Isabella, daughter of John Howard Duke of Norfolk. Their son, Sir John Guldeford, allied himself anew with the family of Delawarr, and by his wife
   * Froude's Hist., vol. v., p. 384.
   † "Make me stream descending to the sea;
        Following, from pride and high ambition free,
       The lowly pathway of humility,
       Which leads us, Lord, to Thee!"

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