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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  page 5
THE FAMILY OF GUILDEFORD By the Rev. Canon R. C. Jenkins   Continued

lived in the eleventh year of Richard II (1388). In that year, this William (who had obtained by a grant from the Crown the manor of Hempsted in Benenden on the attainder of Sir Robert Belknap) kept his shrievalty at that ancient seat. He married Joane, daughter and heiress of John de Halden, in whose right he became possessed of the ancient inheritance of Lambin, otherwise Halden, in the adjoining parish of Rolvenden. He was grandfather of Sir John Guldeford, Comptroller of the Household to King Edward IV. In the following reign, he espoused the cause of the Earl of Richmond, for which both himself and his son Sir Richard were attained in the first Parliament of Richard III. After the great event of Bosworth, and the settlement of the crown upon Henry VII, the attainders of both the father and the son were reversed; and the fortunes of the family flowed 

on, in full tide, until they reached their highest point in the following reign. Sir Richard, who had fled on his attainder, returned with the Earl of Richmond; and was knighted by him at Milford Haven. After the accession of the Earl as Henry VII, he was sworn of the Privy Council, made Master of the Ordnance, and created a Knight Banneret for his services against the Cornish rebels at Blackheath. In the ninth year of the same reign, he held his shrievalty at Halden, and was made Knight of the Garter. This eminent person left two sons; Edward, the elder, who carried on the succession at his seat of Halden; and George, the second son, who carried on the junior line at Hempsted, which, although the original settlement of the Guldefords, became, by the will of Sir Richard, the residence of the younger branch. This line, distinguished by a baronetcy in

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