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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 14 -1882  page 3
THE FAMILY OF GUILDEFORD By the Rev. Canon R. C. Jenkins   Continued

period; many of them the near relatives, and too often for that very reason the inevitable victims, of one of the greatest and yet, perhaps, the very worst of our kings. For we are in the country of the Boleyns, of the Guldefords, of the Sydneys, of the Auchers, of the Colepepers, of the Hales, the Roberts, the Mayneys, the Harlackendens, the Bakers, and a host of kindred families, whose memorials fill the churches around us, and whose public and private life is interwoven with that of the most touching and romantic period of our national history. I wish that I had but the grouping and colouring skill of the painter, or the descriptive power of a word-painting historian, or the fire of a dramatist, that I might bring before your imagination, as vividly as I could wish, the more illustrious of the members of these great historic houses; but it would need almost the wand of a magician to conjure up the many scenes of 

stirring interest in which they took part, and the strange vicissitudes which were witnessed in their ever-changing fortunes.
   But there is one family among the number which stands out from the rest more conspicuously than any other; and whose name gathers around it some of the noblest memories and most affecting incidents of the periodthat of the Guldefords of Hempsted in Benenden, and of Halden in Rolvenden; eminent from a much earlier age than that which witnessed its connection with royalty; illustrious in the person of the great Duchess of Northumberland, whose maiden name is read in that of the unfortunate Lord Guldeford Dudley, the husband of Lady Jane Grey, "who were lovely and pleasant in their lives, while in their deaths they were not divided."
   The little parish of East Guldeford in Sussex, in

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