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Latest additions
05-03-14 Vol 114  Monkton Court Farm evaluation, 1992. By D.R.J. Perkins, N. Macpherson-Grant and E. Healey
03-03-14 Vol 129  Early Roman Features, possibly Defensive, and the Modern Development of the Parkland Landscape at
                                  Ingress Abbey, Greenhithe. By Les Capon
03-03-14 Vol 129  Grassroots Politics in West Kent since the late Eighteenth Century. By David Killingray
03-03-14 Vol 129  Anglo-Saxon Button Brooches from East Kent and the Isle of Wight: Typological and Genealogical Perspectives.
                                   By Seiichi Suzuki
03-03-14 Vol 129  Was Sir Thomas Wyatt able to draw on a Culture of Rebellion in Kent in 1554?  By Martyn Ellis
03-03-14 Vol 129  Preliminary Report on Excavations at Hull Place Roman Villa, Sholden, 2005-7.  By Keith Parfitt
03-03-14 Vol 129  Reconstructing Literary Life in the Provinces with special reference to the  Elizabethan Gentry of Kent.
                                 By Claire Bartram
03-03-14 Vol 129  An Archaeological Investigation at Kingsborough Farm and Kingsborough Manor,  Eastchurch, Isle of Sheppey.
                                 By Simon Stevens
03-03-14 Vol 129  Old Soar Manor, near Plaxtol: House, Land and Occupants over Seven Centuries. By Jayne Semple
03-03-14 Vol 129  Prehistoric Settlement Patterns on the North Kent Coast between Seasalter and the Wantsum. By Tim Allen
03-03-14 Vol 129  Striving to Succeed in late Medieval Canterbury: the life of Thomas Fokys, publican, mayor and alderman c. 1460-1535.
                                 By Paul A. Fox
03-03-14 Vol 129  Two 'New' Town Gates, Roman buildings and an Anglo-Saxon sanctuary at St Mildred's Tannery, Canterbury.
                                  By Simon Pratt
03-03-14 Vol 129  The Demise of the Kent Broadcloth Industry in the Seventeenth Century: England's first De-Industrialization.
                                 By Lorraine Flisher and Michael Zell
03-03-14 Vol 129  The Evidence of Settlement at Plaxtol in the Late Iron Age and Romano-British periods. By Malcolm Davies
03-03-14 Vol 129  Kentish Place Names - were they ever Celtic?  By Michael Goormachtigh and Anthony Durham
03-03-14 Vol 129  An Initial Investigation of an Early Routeway and Boundary, possibly Prehistoric, in Bedgebury Forest. 
                                 By Nicola R. Bannister and Debbie Bartlett
03-03-14 Vol 129  Further Investigation of Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Eastry. By Keith Parfitt and Sheila Sweetinburgh
03-03-14 Vol 129  The Roman Villa at Minster-in-Thanet. Part 6: the Villa Enclosure, Buildings 2 and 5. 
                                 By Keith Parfitt, Emma Boast and Gerald Moody
03-03-14 Vol 129  Archaeological Notes and Summaries
03-03-14 Vol 129  Historical Research Notes
03-03-14 Vol 129  Book Reviews
03-03-14 Vol 129  Kentish Bibliography 2008
03-03-14 Vol 129  Obituaries / Notes on the Contributors
03-03-14 Vol 129  General Index

26-02-14 Vol 128  The Coming of the Doctor': as Illustrated by the Career of Richard Hope of Cranbrook (d.1725). By Peter Allen
26-02-14 Vol 128  An Unknown Medieval Site, Possibly a Manorial Chapel, at Crabble, Dover. By Keith Parfitt
26-02-14 Vol 128  William Matthew Flinders Petrie - the Kentish Years. By Patricia E. Knowlden
26-02-14 Vol 128  The Coinage of William I in Kent. By Peter Bagwell Purefoy
26-02-14 Vol 128  Prehistoric Activity at Westwood, Broadstairs. By Kristopher Poole and Leo Webley
26-02-14 Vol 128  The Kilwardby Survey of 1273-4: the Demesne Manors of the Archbishop of Canterbury in the later 13th Century.
                                  By Jennifer Ward
26-02-14 Vol 128  Archaeological Investigations at Castle Road, Sittingbourne. By Jon Sygrave
26-02-14 Vol 128  Brotherhood and Confraternity at Canterbury Cathedral Priory in the 15th Century: the Evidence of 
                                  John Stone's By Meriel Connor
26-02-14 Vol 128  Two Beaker Burials Recently Discovered on the Isle of Thanet. By Paul Hart and Gerald Moody
26-02-14 Vol 128  The Medieval Deer Parks of Wrotham. By Jayne Semple
26-02-14 Vol 128  Interim Reports on Recent Work carried out by the Canterbury Archaeological Trust
26-02-14 Vol 128  The Accounts of the Wardens of the Town Lands of Tonbridge, 1574-1760. By Christopher Chalklin
26-02-14 Vol 128  The Bronze Age Gold, Amber and Shale Cups from Southern England and the European Mainland: a Review Article.
                                     By Paul Ashbee
26-02-14 Vol 128  Kent and the Sea. By Sarah Palmer
26-02-14 Vol 128  Excavation of a Medieval Settlement at Pond Field, Littlebrook, Dartford. By C.R. Baker and A. N. Herbert
26-02-14 Vol 128  An Early Boundary, probably Anglo-Saxon, associated with Roman sites in Benenden.
                                      By Ernest Pollard and Neil Aldridge
26-02-14 Vol 128  The Roman Villa at Minster-in-Thanet. Part 5: the Main House, Building I.
                                      By Keith Parfitt, Dave Perkins, Emma Boast and Gerald Moody
26-02-14 Vol 128  Churchgoing in the Cradle of English Christianity: Kentish Evidence from the 16th to the 20th Centuries.
                                      By Clive D. Field
26-02-14 Vol 128  Researches and Discoveries
                                   Traces of Prehistoric and Romano-British Occupation at Barton Mill, Canterbury
                                   Latin Rumen 'Gullet' and the name of Romney
                                   Some Notes on the Technical Details of Mills provided by the Kilwardby Survey
                                   The Earliest Kentish Windmills
                                   Geophysical Survey and Evaluation Trenching at Queenborough Castle, Isle of Sheppey
                                   Captain George Gooch, the First Resident at Fort House, Broadstairs
26-02-14 Vol 128  Reviews
26-02-14 Vol 128  Kentish Bibliography 2007
26-02-14 Vol 128  Notes on the Contributors
26-02-14 Vol 128  General Index

24-02-14 Vol   25  Lists of Officers  x;  Rules  xiv;  List of Members  xvi,  Illustration Fund xxxiii, 
                                    Cash Accounts for 1900 and 1901  xxxiv,  Proceedings, Report, etc., 1901 xxxix
24-02-14 Vol   25  Researches and Discoveries in Kent 1900—1901.    By George Payne, F.L.S., F.S.A.
24-02-14 Vol   25  Romano-British Internments at Lower Walmer By Cumberland H. Woodruff, F.L.S., F.S.A.
24-02-14 Vol   25  Visitations of the Archdeacon of Canterbury By Arthur Hussey 
24-02-14 Vol   25  Dent-de-Lion Gatehouse, Margate, with a Pedigree of the Family of Pettit  By the Rev. C. E. Woodruff, M.A.
24-02-14 Vol   25  The Church of  St John the Baptist, Margate By Charles Cotton, F.R.C.P.,  
24-02-14 Vol   25  Dover Chamberlains' Accounts 1365-67 By the Rev. S. P. H. Statham
24-02-14 Vol   25  Thirteenth Century Wall-Painting at Upchurch  By Cumberland H. Woodruff, .F.S.A.
24-02-14 Vol   25  St Mary's Church, Minster, Isle of Thanet - List of Vicars By the Rev. T. Shipdem Frampton, M.A., F.S.A
24-02-14 Vol   25  Church Plate in Kent By the Rev. C. R. Woodruff,  M.A.
24-02-14 Vol   25  Sutton Valence Castle By Harold Sands
24-02-14 Vol   25  The Chantry of John Dents in Ickham Church By the Rev. T. Shipdem Frampton, M.A., F.S.A.
24-02-14 Vol   25  Excavations at St Austin's Abbey, Canterbury
                                  I. The Chapel of St Pancras By W. H. St. John Hope, MA.
II. The Church of St Peter and St Paul By the Rev. C. F Routledge, M.A., F.S.A
24-02-14 Vol   25  Notes and Queries 
24-02-14 Vol   25  Descriptive Catalogue of Documents belonging to the Kent Archaeological Society
24-02-14 Vol   25  Notice of Books 
24-02-14 Vol   25  General Index
24-02-14 Vol   25  List of Archaeological Papers Published in 1899 - Index on page 50 of PDF
                             List of Archaeological Papers Published in 1900 - Index on page 99 of PDF Compiled by G. Laurence Gomme, F.S.A.

20-02-14 Vol    2  Proceedings at the Second Annual Meeting
20-02-14 Vol    2 
Genealogical notices of the Northwoods
20-02-14 Vol    2 
Ancient Sepulchral Shaft at Bekesbourne by John Brent, jun., Esq, F.S.A 
20-02-14 Vol    2 
A help towards a Kentish Monasticon by W. E. Flaherty, Esq
20-02-14 Vol    2  Ancient Rochester or Durobrivae, viewed as the site of Roman Camp and Station by Beale  Poste
20-02-14 Vol    2  Rochester Records by Robert Willis Blencowe, Esq
20-02-14 Vol    2  The Dumb Borsholder Chart, in the Parish of  Wateringbury by the Rev Henry Stevens
20-02-14 Vol    2  Notes from the Parochial Register of Orlestone  by W.I. Lightfoot, Esq
20-02-14 Vol    2  Cowling (Cooling) Castle
20-02-14 Vol    2  Notes of the Brasses, Memorial Windows, and Escutcheons formerly existing in Ashford and Willesborough Churches
                                by Herbert L. Smith, Esq
20-02-14 Vol    2  Fabric Roll of Rochester Castle
20-02-14 Vol    2  Monuments in Folkestone Church
20-02-14 Vol    2  Discovery of a Romano-British Cemetery at Westborough, Maidstone by Beale Poste
20-02-14 Vol    2  Archbishop Warham's Letters
20-02-14 Vol    2  Sir Roger Twysden's Journal
20-02-14 Vol    2  Miscellanea
20-02-14 Vol    2  Pedes Finium  (page 15 in PDF)
20-02-14 Vol    2  Index to Pedes Finium
20-02-14 Vol    2  Inquisitiones Post Mortem
20-02-14 Vol    2  Iindex to Inquisitiones Post Mortem  (page 50 in PDF)
20-02-14 Vol    2 General Index

16-02-14 Vol 134  A History of the Ecclesiastical Courts of the Diocese of Canterbury, 1566-86, based on the Cause
                                 papers bound within the Volume MS.F.4.12. By Karen Rushton
18-01-14 Vol 134  Contents Pages of Archaeologia Cantiana added

08-07-13 Vol 133  Contents Pages of Archaeologia Cantiana added

09-06-13 Vol   02  On the recent discoveries of Roman remains at Plaxtol, in Kent. by Major Luard, R.A
31-05-13 Vol   93  Excavations at Eccles Roman Villa, 1976: Final Interim Report.   By A. P. Detsicas, M.A., F.S.A. Scot
19-05-13 Vol   92  Excavations at Eccles Roman Villa, 1975: Fourteenth Interim Report.  By A. P. Detsicas, M.A., F.S.A. Scot
12-04-13 Vol   91 
Excavations at Eccles Roman Villa, 1974: Thirteenth Interim Report    By A. P. Detsicas, M.A., F.S.A. Scot
25-03-13 Vol   89  Excavations at Eccles Roman Villa. 1973: Twelfth Interim Report. By A. P. Detsicas, M.A., F.S.A. Scot
16-03-13 Vol   88  Excavations at Eccles Roman Villa, 1972: Eleventh Interim Report  By A. P. Detsicas, M.A., F.S.A. Scot
26-02-13 Vol   87  Excavations at Eccles Roman Villa, 1971: Tenth Interim Report. By A. P. Detsicas, M.A., F.S.A. Scot
14-02-13 Vol   86  Excavations at Eccles Roman Villa, 1970: Ninth Interim Report.
By A. P. Detsicas, M.A., F.S.A. Scot
31-01-13 Vol   85 
Excavations at Eccles Roman Villa, 1969: Eight Interim Report. By A. P. Detsicas, M.A., F.S.A. Scot
23-12-12 Vol   84  Excavations at Eccles Roman Villa, 1968: Seventh Interim Report. By A. P. Detsicas, M.A., F.S.A. Scot

30-11-12 Vol   83 
Excavations at Eccles Roman Villa, 1967: Sixth Interim Report By A. P. Detsicas, M.A., F.S.A. Scot
24-10-12 Vol   79  The Chetney Hill Lazaret By P. Froggatt, M.A., M.D., D.P.H.
Vol   82  Excavations at Eccles Roman Villa, 1966: Fifth Interim Report. By A. P. Detsicas, M.A., F.S.A. Scot
12-09-12 Vol   81 
Excavations at Eccles Roman Villa, 1965: Fourth Interim Report  By A. P. Detsicas, M.A., F.S.A. Scot
29-08-12 Vol   80 
Excavations at Eccles Roman Villa, 1964: Third Interim Report  By A. P. Detsicas, M.A., F.S.A. Scot
26-08-12 Vol   79 
Excavations at Eccles Roman Villa, 1963: Second Interim Report  By A. P. Detsicas, M.A., F.S.A. Scot
28-07-12 Vol   78 
Excavations at Eccles Roman Villa, 1962: First Interim Report   By A. P. Detsicas, M.A., F.S.A. Scot
24-07-12 Vol 119  Obituaries   K.W.E. Gravett     A. P. Detsicas    Sonia Chadwick-Hawkes     M.C. Lebon      E.W. Parkin      K.P. Witney
15-07-12 Vol 132  Contents pages of Archaeologia Cantiana added
06-06-12 Vol 103  The Roman Pottery Kiln at New Ash Green By Jason Monaghan and Ted Connell
04-06-12 Vol   87 
Rochester East Gate, 1969. By A. C. Harrison, B.A., F.S.A.
02-06-12 Vol   83  The Roman and Medieval Defences of Rochester in the Light of Recent Excavations.
                                 By A. C. Harrison, B.A. and Colin Flight, B.A.

10-05-12 Vol 127  General Index
25-04-12 Vol 127  Annual Bibliography Of Kentish Archaeology And History 2006
23-04-12 Vol 127  Notes on Contributors
23-04-12 Vol 127  Book Reviews
22-04-12 Vol 127 
Researches and Discoveries in Kent
16-04-12 Vol 127  Underground Ragstone Quarries in Kent: a brief Overview. By Rod LeGear
14-04-12 Vol 127 
The Political Allegiances of Christ Church Priory 1400-1472: the Evidence of John Stone's Chronicle. By Meriel Connor
10-04-12 Vol 127 
How Kent's recently discovered Causewayed Enclosures impact on our understanding and interpretation of the
                                Early Neolithic in the Region. By John Hammond

07-04-12 Vol 127  The Scratch Dials of Kent. By Chris H. K. Williams
03-04-12 Vol 127 
Interim Reports on Recent Work carried out by the Canterbury Archaeological Trust
29-03-12 Vol 127  The Medieval Tile-Makers of Borough Green. By Jayne Semple
22-03-12 Vol 127 
The Roman Villa at Minster-in-Thanet. Part 4: the South West Buildings, 6A and 6B. By Keith Parfitt
17-03-12 Vol 127 
The Long Demise of the Wantsum Sea Channel: a Recapitulation based on the Data. By Dave Perkins
16-03-12 Vol 127 
Excavation of an Iron Age and Saxon Site at South Willesborough, Ashford. By Simon Deeves
15-03-12 Vol 127 
The Road Services of Kent in the Nineteenth Century. By F. W. G. Andrews
12-03-12 Vol 127 
Iron Age and Romano-British Settlement at Bishop's Avenue, North Foreland, Broadstairs. By Gerald Moody
11-03-12 Vol 127 
Westwell - the Establishment of a Village. By Mary Adams
10-03-12 Vol 127 
Dating the Cremation in a Biconical Urn at the Early Bronze Age Barrow, Hill Road, Wouldham. By John Cruse
09-03-12 Vol 127 
The Hundred of Wye and the Great Revolt of 1381. By David De Saxe
08-03-12 Vol 127  Feeding the Moat: Excavations near the site of Edenbridge Manor House. By Kate Brady and Edward Biddulph
08-03-12 Vol 127 
Kent and the Abolition of the Slave Trade: a County Study,1760s-1807. By David Killingray
07-03-12 Vol 127 
The Kent Hundred Rolls: Local Government and Corruption in the Thirteenth Century. By Jennifer Ward
04-03-12 Vol 127 
Excavations at Ringlemere Farm, Woodnesborough, 2002-2006. By Keith Parfitt and Stuart Needham
29-02-12 Vol 127 
150 years of Local History: Local Kentish Practice and National Trends. By Sandra Dunster and Elizabeth Edwards
29-02-12 ONLINE  Archaeologia Cantiana General Index to Volumes CX 1992 (110) to CXX 2000 (120)
27-02-12 Vol 127  T
he Kent Archaeological Society and the Development of Archaeology and Historical Studies in Kent, 1957-2007:
                                A Review. By Frank Panton

24-02-12 Vol 126  Index
24-02-12 Vol 126  Brief Notes on the Contributors
24-02-12 Vol 126  Obituary

23-02-12 Vol 126  Researches and Discoveries
22-02-12 Vol 126  A Late Iron-Age/Early Roman site at Bredgar, near Sittingbourne. By Damien C. Boden

22-02-12 Vol 126 
Canterbury's 1844 Archaeological Congress. By Paul Ashbee
21-02-12 Vol 126 
The Archangel Gabriel's Stone and other Relics: William Haute's search for Salvation in fifteenth-century Kent.
             By Sheila Sweetinburgh
21-02-12 Vol 126  Interim Reports on Recent Work carried out by the  Canterbury Archaeological Trust
20-02-12 Vol 126 
Prehistoric maritime traffic in the Dover Strait and Wantsum: some thoughts as to the vessels and their crews.
                                By Dave Perkins

20-02-12 Vol 126  Welfare provision in seventeenth-century Kent: a look at Biddenden and neighbouring parishes. By Anthony Poole
19-02-12 Vol 126  St Radegund's Abbey - a re-assessment of the Abbey Church. By M. C. J. Davis
18-02-12 Vol 126 
A Prehistoric 'Burnt Mound' site at Crabble Paper Mill, near Dover. By Keith Parfitt
17-02-12 Vol 126 
Anglo-Saxon building techniques: Quoins of twelve Kentish Churches reviewed. By John F. Potter
15-02-12 Vol 126  The Roman road from Sutton Valence to Ashford: evidence for an alternative route to that proposed by Margary.
                                   By Neil Aldridge
15-02-12 Vol 126  A Directory of Medical Personnel qualified and practising in the Diocese of Canterbury, c. 1560-1730. By Ian Mortimer
13-02-12 Vol 126  The Roman Villa at Minster in Thanet. Part 3: The Corridor House, Building 4. By Keith Parfitt
11-02-12 Vol 126 
Charing Clocks, Clockmakers and Clock-keepers (Part II). By Chris H. K. Williams
04-02-12 Vol 126   Archaeological investigations at Middle Stoke on the Hoo Peninsula. By Richard James
02-02-12 Vol 126   The poor of Otham and nearby parishes: the Coxheath Poor House. By Hugh Vaux
30-01-12 Vol 126   The Medieval site at Well Wood, Aylesford. By Brian Philp
29-01-12 Vol 126   The Tanners of Wrotham Manor 1400-1600. By Jayne Semple
26-01-12 Vol 127   Excavations at Fremlin Walk, Maidstone. By Catherine Edwards
04-01-12  Vol  17   Pedigree of Darell of Scotney 
03-01-12  Vol  17   Scotney Castle by Edward Hussey
28-12-11 Vol   78   Cogan House, St. Peter’s, Canterbury. By
E. W. Parkin
27-07-11 Vol   18   Family Tree of Kentish Family of Stubbs by By Henry Stubbs, M.A., J.P. 
11-07-11 Vol 131  Contents pages of Archaeologia Cantiana added
01-02-11 Vol 105  Pages 39-57   Eynsford Castle: A Reinterpretation of its early History in the Light of recent Excavations.
                                                      By Valerie Horsman
30-01-11  Vol  88  Pages 87-116  Eynsford Castle: The Moat and Bridge.
   By S. E. Rigold, M.A., F.S.A., F.R.Hist.S.,& A. J. Fleming,M.A..
14-01-11  Vol  86 Pages 109-171 Eynsford Castle and its Excavation.  By S. E. Rigold, M.A., F.S.A., F.R.Hist.S.
10-01-11  Vol  72 Pages 18-40    Medieval Buildings in the Joyden’s Wood Square Earthwork. By P. J. Tester, F.S.A. and J. E. L. Caiger
09-01-11  Vol  92 Pages 173-201 
A Moated Site at Moat Farm, Leigh, Kent by J.H. Parfitt, B.Sc. (Econ.)
08-01-11  Vol  92 Pages 105-118  Excavations at Lansdowne Road, Tonbridge, 1972 and 1976

20-10-10  Vol   1  Pages 289-302  General Index to Volume 1
16-10-10  Vol   1  Pages 279-288  Index to entries in Pedes Finium - Kent Feet of Fines 1196-99 Richard I
13-10-10  Vol   1  Pages 215-278  Pedes Finium - Kent Feet of Fines 1196-99 Richard I
03-10-03  Vol   1  Pages 184-214 Sir  Roger Twysdens Journal from the Roydon Hall MSS
02-10-10  Vol   1  Pages 176-183  Notes of Brasses formerly existing in Dover Castle, Maidstone and Ashford Churches 
                                                            from the Surrenden Collection By Herbert L. Smith Esq
01-10-10  Vol   1  Pages 154-175
Observations on the supposed site of Ancient Roman Maidstone. By Rev Beale Poste
01-10-10  Vol   1  Pages 150-153 Wall Paintings in Faversham Church, Kent. By T. Willement, Esq., F.S.A.
30-09-10  Vol   1  Pages 147-149 Queen Elizabeth Woodville
30-09-10  Vol   1  Pages 143-146 St Mildred's, Canterbury By R. C. Hussey Esq., F.S.A.
30-09-10  Vol   1  Pages 137-142 Discovery of fragments of Ancient British, Romano-British, and Roman Pottery, 
                                                            found in a Chalk Cavern in Camden Park, Chislehurst. By Robert Booth Latter Esq
29-09-10  Vol   1  Pages 124-136 "Probatio AEtatis" of William De Septvans from the Surrenden Collection
28-09-10  Vol   1  Pages 111-123 Cowden and its Neighbourhood. By Robert Willis Blencowe Esq
27-09-10  Vol   1  Pages 94-110 On Caesar's Landing-Place in Britain. By R. C. Hussey, Esq., F.S.A,
26-09-10  Vol   1  Pages 73-93
Hackington, or St Stephen's’, Canterbury. Collar of SS. By Edward Foss, F.S.A.
25-09-10  Vol   1  Pages 66-72 Auto
graph Letter of William Wykeham By Charles Wyekham Martin, Esq., M.P.
24-09-10  Vol   1  Pages 50-65 On the Surrenden Charters
23-09-10  Vol   1  Pages 42-49
Anglo-Saxon Remains discovered at Faversham, Wye and Westwell
22-09-10  Vol   1  Pages 9-41 Archbishop Warham's Letters (1518-1528)
21-09-10  Vol   1  Pages 1-8  The Inventory of Juliana De Leyborne, Countess of Huntyngdon 1367
20-09-10  Vol   1  Pages  xxxiii-lix Inaugural Meeting of the Kent Archaeological Society 1858.
16-07-10  Vol 130 Contents pages of Archaeologia Cantiana added
01-08-09  Vol 129 Contents pages of Archaeologia Cantiana added
10-10-08  Vol 124 Pages 309-342  Excavations on the Romano-British industrial Site at Broomhey Farm, Cooling By Alec Miles
10-10-08  Vols 125, 126, 127 and 128 Contents pages of Archaeologia Cantiana added
24-11-06  Vol. 34  Pages 47-62   Ash next Sandwich WILLS - Part 1  By Arthur Hussey
05-10-05  Vol.101 Pages 137-163 Three medieval timber-framed Church Porches in west Kent: Fawkham, Kemsing and Shoreham. 
                                                              By Terence Paul Smith, B.A., M.A., M.Litt., M.1.F.A.
18-08-05  Vol.28  Pages 337-362 History of Allington Castle 1906 by Sir W. Martin Conway
30-05-05  Vol.32  Pages 77-141 Reculver & Hoath Wills: Abstract. By Arthur Hussey
28-03-05  Vol.30  Pages 93-126  Herne Wills: Abstracts.— II. By Arthur Hussey
01-03-05  Vol.14  Pages    1-17   The Family of Guildeford.  By the Rev. Canon R. C. Jenkins 
01-03-05  Vol.14  Pages  18-34  Smarden Church. By the Rev  Francis  Haslewood
01-03-05  Vol.14  Pages  35-36  Roman Lead Coffin Discovered at Canterbury. By C. Roach Smith, F.S.A.
01-03-05  Vol.14  Pages  37-60  The Early History of Tenterden. By Robert Furley, F.S.A.
01-03-05  Vol.14  Pages  61-84  Brief Notes on the Hales Family. By the Rev R. Cox Hales
01-03-05  Vol.14  Pages  85-90  On Some Wrought Flints found at West Wickham. By George Clinch
01-03-05  Vol.14  Pages  91-98  Appledore Church. By the Rev. E. M. Muriel
01-03-05  Vol.14  Pages 99-102
The Church of Stone in Oxney. By the Rev E. M. Muriel
06-03-05  Vol.14  Pages 103-107  Roman Foundations at St Pancras, Canterbury.  By the  Rev Canon Routledge
06-03-05  Vol.14  Pages 108-112  St Martins Church, Canterbury.  By the  Rev Canon Routledge
06-03-05  Vol.14  Pages 113-133  Ickham Church, Its Monuments and Its Records. By the Rev  Scott Robinson
06-03-05  Vol.14  Pages 134-139  The Roman Villa at Wingham.  By George Dowker, F.G.S.
06-03-05  Vol.14  Pages 140-152  St Radegund's Praemonstratensian Abbey. By W. H. St John Hope B.A.
07-03-05  Vol.14  Pages 153-156  Richard Tichborne's House of Crippenden, in Cowden. By the Rev. Canon Scott Robertson
07-03-05  Vol.14  Pages 157-161  Adisham Church. By  Rev H. Montagu Villiers
07-03-05  Vol.14  Pages 162-168  Forty Rectors of Adisham. By the Rev. Canon Scott Robertson
22-02-05 Vol. 57  Pages  1-12  Sidelights on the Rectors and Parishioners of Reculver from the Register of 
                                                      Archbishop Winchelsey.  By Rose Graham, C.B.E., D.Litt., F.S.A., F.R.Hist.S
22-02-05 Vol. 57  Pages 13-20  Henry Oxinden's Authorship.  By Dorothy Gardiner
22-02-05 Vol. 57  Pages  21-25  A Farnborough, Kent  Court Roll of 1408. Transcribed and extended by M. F. Bond, M.A. 
22-02-05 Vol. 57  Pages  26-33  Briefs in St Leonard's & St George's in Deal in the 17th & 18th Centuries. By W. P. D. Stebbing, F.S.A.
23-02-05 Vol. 57  Pages  34-43  A Sermon of  Henery Gold, Vicar of Ospringe, 1525-27, Preached before Archbishop Warham. 
                                                        By L. E. Whatmore, M.A. 
23-02-05 Vol. 57  Pages  44-50  Two Coats of Arms from Kent in London. By F. C. Elliston-Erwood, F.S.A.
23-02-05 Vol. 57  Pages  51-55  The Origins of Whitstable. By Gordon Ward, M.D., F.S.A.
23-02-05 Vol. 57  Pages  56-68  A Canterbury Pilgrimage in 1723. By V. J. Torr
23-02-05 Vol. 57  Pages  69-70  REPORTS: Canterbury Excavation Committee, 1944 and Council for British Archaeology
23-02-05 Vol. 57  Pages  71-75  MISCELLANEOUS NOTES:  Repairs at Knole ,  Dark Age Burial on Barham Downs ,
                                                            The Gold Medalet of Leudard the Bishop—the oldest English Gold Coin ,  Discoveries at Dover  
                                                            Recovery in Kent of Gloucestershire Manorial Rolls
23-02-05 Vol. 57  Pages  76-77  REVIEWS: Short Notes on the History of the Parish and Church of Chart next Sutton.  
                                                           By The Rev. Paul Atkins, vicar,   Henry Yevile—The Life of an English Architect. By John H. Harvey
19-02-05 Vol. 55  Pages   1 - 7   The SUTTONS. By Gordon Ward, M.D., F.S.A.
19-02-05 Vol. 55  Pages   8-11   Sir Harry Vane's Fountain. By Sir Edward Harrison
19-02-05 Vol. 55  Pages 12-15  Notes on a Saxon Charter of Higham. By R. F. Jessup, F.S.A. 
19-02-05 Vol. 55  Pages 16-25   The Barton and Bartoner of Christ Church, Canterbury. By R. A. Lendon Smith
19-02-05 Vol. 55  Pages 26-36   The Clergy of St. John the Baptist, Smallhythe. By A.H. Taylor
19-02-05 Vol. 55  Pages 37-49   Stonar and the Wantsum Channel. Part 111.— The Site of the  Town of Stonar. 
                                                        By The late F. W. Hardman, LL.D., F.S.A., and W. P. D. Stebbing, F.S.A.
19-02-05 Vol. 55  Pages 50-52  Report on Erratics from Stonar, Kent.  By D. Baden-Powell, B.Sc.
20-02-05 Vol. 55  Pages 53-56  Anchor House, Lynsted, Kent. By Aymer Vallance
20-02-05 Vol. 55  Pages 57-64  A Medieval Pottery Kiln Site at Tyler Hill, near Canterbury. 
                                                         By P. J. Spillett, W. P. D. Stebbing, F.S.A., and G. C. Dunning, F.S.A.
20-02-05 Vol. 55  Pages 65-68  Two Faversham Documents. By Frank W. Jessup, B.A.,LL.B.
20-02-05 Vol. 55  Pages 69-78  MISCELLANEOUS NOTES:   Some Fifteenth Century WillsAn Earthen Mound near Rochester
                                                         Green Court, Canterbury Cathedral Precincts and the Norman Castle,
                                                         The Early 18th Century Dispute over the Pilots’ Gallery in St. Leonard’s, Deal
                                                         "The Star Inn ", CanterburyA Roman Site at Little Chart, West of Ashford, Treasure Trove at Staple 
20-02-05 Vol. 55   Page      79    Obituary:  Frederick William Hardman, LL.D., F.S.A.
16-02-05 Vol. 58   Pages  73-75   REPORTS: Canterbury Excavation Committee and Dover Excavation Committee
16-02-05 Vol. 58   Pages  76-85   Miscellaneous: John Bowra: Land Surveyor and Cartographer "Mad Thom’s" Pardon 
                                                        Some Structural or Ornamental Architectural Discoveries at Dover
                                                        A Prehistoric Occupation Site above  Elham ,   Lambeth Palace—the Name ,  
                                                        An Early Nineteenth Century Walmer Will Report on a Human Skull from the Freedown, Ringwould
16-02-05 Vol. 58   Pages  86-89   REVIEWS:  Domesday Monachorum of Christ Church, Canterbury. By David C. Douglas, M.A
The Register of Daniel Rough, Common Clerk of Romney, 1353-1380.  By K. M. Elisabeth Murray 
The Custumal of New Romney. By F. W. Jessup 
16-02-05 Vol. 58   Pages  90-93   Obituary: Herbert Wheatley Knocker, F.S.AGeorge S. Elgood, R.I.,  
                                                                       Andrew George Little, M.A., D.Litt., F.B.A. 1863-1945
15-02-05 Vol. 58   Pages  35-39    Recent  Discoveries in the Archives of Canterbury Cathedral.  
                                                             A Note on the Craftsmen By John H. Harvey
15-02-05 Vol. 58   Pages  40-42    Recent  Discoveries in the Archives of Canterbury Cathedral.     
                                                             Notes on the Monks and Priory Buildings Mentioned. By Dorothy Gardiner
15-02-05 Vol. 58   Pages  43-67    Notes on the Family of Twysden and Twisden. By Ronald G. Hatton, and Rev. Christopher H. Hatton
15-02-05 Vol. 58   Pages  68-72    Holborough: A Retrospect.  By R. F. Jessup, F.S.A.
14-02-05 Vol. 58   Pages    1 - 7    The Lost Dens of Little Chart. By Gordon Ward, M.D., F.S.A.
14-02-05 Vol. 58   Pages    8-13    The Medieval Painted Glass of Chilham. By C. R. Councer, F.S.A.
14-02-05 Vol. 58   Pages   14-27   Coats of Arms in Queenborough Castle. By B. H. D’Elboux, M.C., M.A., F.S.A.
14-02-05 Vol. 58   Pages   28-34   Recent Discoveries in the Archives of Canterbury Cathedral. By W. P. Blore
16-01-05 Vol. 28   Pages  83-114  Herne Wills: Abstracts.— I. By Arthur Hussey
11-01-05 Vol. 44   Pages  79-102  Milton Wills (Next Sittingbourne).—I. By Arthur Hussey 
31-12-04 Vol.101  Pages 313-347  Kent Archives Office: Major Accessions, 1981—83. By Nigel Yates
23-12-04 Vol. 45   Pages 013-030 
Milton Wills (Next Sittingbourne).—II. By Arthur Hussey 
23-12-04 Vol. 66   Pages 098-102 
Kentish Tradesmen in the Early Nineteenth Century.  By Elizabeth Melling, B.A.
22-12-04 Vol. 66   Pages 064-071  Kent Archives Office, Introduction—Accessions

19-12-04 Kent Records Volume No. 9  Index of Wills Proved in the Rochester Consistory Court Wills 1440 - 1561 by Leland L Duncan
12-12-04 Vol.113   Index to Volumes 89 to 109 completed
12-11-04 Vol.  90   Index to Volumes 65 to 88 completed
09-11-04 Vol 122   Pages 113-142  Patrixbourne Church: Medieval Patronage, Fabric and History. By Mary Berg
16-10-04 Vol.  67   Index to Volumes 20 to 45 completed
03-10-04 Vol.  19   Index to Volumes 1 to 18 completed
28-09-04 Vol.  16   Pages 142-151  Barfreston Church in 1840 by R. U. Hussey, F.S.A.
28-09-04 Vol.  45   Pages     1-12    Sculptured Ornament of the South Doorway of Barfreston Church by Rev. A. H. Collins, M.A.
24-08-04 Vol.  77   Pages 212-215  Rector of Ightham : An Account Book 1750-54
24-08-04 Vol.  83   Pages 281-285  Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1967-68
24-08-04 Vol.  82   Pages 272-276  Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1966-67
23-08-04 Vol.  81   Pages 213-218  Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1965-66
23-08-04 Vol.  80   Pages 239-242  Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1964-65
22-08-04 Vol.  79   Pages 190-196  Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1963-64
21-08-04 Vol.  78   Pages 161-164  Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1962-63
21-08-04 Vol.  77   Pages 185-189  Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1960-62
20-08-04 Vol.  76   Pages 207-210  Miscellaneous Notes: Forestall, More Kentish Bee-Boles, Rochester and the City of Guorangon
20-08-04 Vol.  76   Pages 186-190  Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1960-61
20-08-04 Vol.  74   Pages 171-176  Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1959-60
19-08-04 Vol.  72   Pages 182-185  Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1957-58
19-08-04 Vol.  71   Pages 219-222  Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1956-57
18-08-04 Vol.  70   Pages 241-245  Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1955-56
14-08-04 Vol.  69   Pages 187-197  Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1954-55
06-07-04 Vol.  68   Pages 197-203  Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1953-54
05-07-04 Vol.  73   Pages 202-206  Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1958-59
01-08-04 Vol.  73   Pages xlii-lvi       Report for the Year ended 31st December, 1959
01-08-04 Vol.  73   Pages 207-232 
Researches and Discoveries in Kent
31-07-04 Vol.  73   Pages 167-192  More Notes on Kentish Roads. By F. C. Elliston-Erwood, F.S.A.
30-07-04 Vol.  73   Pages 116-124  Late-Continued Demesne Farming at Otford. By F. R. H. Du Boulay, M.A., F.R.Hist.S.
30-07-04 Vol.  73   Pages 193-193  Chiddingstone Early Poor Law Accounts. By June Gibbons
30-07-04 Vol.  73   Pages 195-201  The Anglo-Saxon Plane from Sarre. By G.C. Dunning, F.S.A. and W. L. Goodman
07-07-04  Vol.124  Contents pages added
27-06-04  Vol. 14   Pages 223-240   Wills & other Records Relating to the Hodsoll Family. By James Greenstreet
25-04-04  Vol. 73   Pages 235-243   Emigration to the U.S.A. from Sandhurst, Kent 1826-1828 by Noreen C. Holmes 
24-02-04  Vol.110  Pages  71 - 81   Anglo-Saxon settlement in the Darent valley and environs. By Susan Tyler, B.A.
11-02-04  Vol. 45   Pages 188-192  A Roman Cemetery at  West Wickham By Norman Cook and Michael J. McCarthy
03-02-04  Vol. 64   Pages 186-188  Obituaries Sir Thomas Colyer-Fergusson, Bart., F.S.A.The Rev. Canon S. W. Wheatley, M.A. F.S.A.
                                                             Mrs. Elizabeth Selby, M.B.E ,   The Rev. Canon Grevile M. Livett,The Rev. R. W. Harrison Acworth
11-01-04  Vol. 31   Pages 178-188   Extracts from Some Lost Kent Parish Registers (Capel, Ditton, Leigh, Luddesdown, Seal & Stoke) 
                                                               By Leland L. Duncan M.V.0., F.S.A
01-01-04  The Roman Pottery of Kent  by Dr Richard J. Pollard - Monograph now online
22-12-03   Vol. 98  Pages  27 -  50   An Investigation of the Romano-British Pottery Industry on the Upchurch Marshes.  
                                                               By Jason Monaghan, B.Sc.
10-12-03   Vol. 88  Pages 187-199   Medieval Pottery from Dartford. By D. C. Mynard ....with colour pictures of sherds and Knights Jug
29-11-03   Vol  89  Pages 101-118   The Tithe Commutation Surveys in Kent  By Roger J.P. Kain, B.A., Ph.D.

10-11-03   Vol  20  Pages  01 - 48    Kentish Administrations, A.D. 1604 - 1649  Part 2  By Leland L. Duncan
24-10-03   Vol  35  Pages  01 - 16    A Roman Cemetery Discovered at Ospringe in 1920. By W. Whiting
08 -10-03  Vol  62  Pages  21 - 36    A First Century Urn-Field (Cremation Cemetery) at Cheriton, near Folkestone. By P. J. Tester 
                                                                 and H. F. Bing, M.A., F.R.Hist.S

07-10-03  Vol 112  Pages 439-442   Obituaries - Peter J. Tester,   C.R. Councer,   Maurice A. Crane
07-10-03  Vol  53   Page 142            Misc. notes...
Riseley Saxon Cemetery
07-10-03  Vol  63   Pages 135-139   A Note on the Rebuilding of Knole by Archbishop Bourgchier. By F. B. H. DuBoulay, M.A.
07-10-03   Vol 96   Pages    1 - 15    John De Berwyke and the Consuetudines Kancie, By F. Hull. BA., Ph.D.. D.Litt., F.R.Hist.S.
21-09-03   Vol  18  Pages   25 - 40   Kentish Administrations, A.D. 1559 TO 1603. Part I  By Leland L. Duncan
12-09-03   Vol  88  Pages 129-158   Excavations at Boxley Abbey. By P. J. Tester ....colour pictures of Medieval Floor & Mosaic Tiles
10-09-03   Vol  94  Pages  75 - 98    Excavations. . . Leeds Priory. . . colour pictures of Medieval Floor Tiles and Pottery
03-08-03   Vol  93  Pages  33 - 45    Excavations on the Site of Leeds Priory. Part 1  By P. J. Tester plus colour pictures
04-08-03   Vol  94  Pages  75 - 98    Excavations on the Site of Leeds Priory. Part 2  By P. J. Tester plus colour pictures
25-07-03   Vol  26  Pages  79 - 90    Little Mote, Eynsford, with a Pedigree of the Sybill Family.  By R. H. Ernest Hill
25-07-03   Vol  28  Pages 363-372   Sybill Arms at Little Mote, Eynsford  By George C. Druce
25-07-03   Vol  28  Pages 373-375   Sybill of Eynsford and Farningham. By R. H. Ernest Hill
21-07-03   Vol.121 Pages 197-202   The Published Works of Alec Detsicas  Compiled by Terence Lawson
03-07-03   Vol. 47  Pages 198-204   Excavations on the site of the Leper Hospital, New Romney. By Miss K. M. E. Murray
12-04-03   Vol. 69  Pages    1 - 40    The  Jutish (Saxon) Cemetery at Lyminge
31-01-03   Vol. 70  Pages    1 - 43    The Origin and First Hundred Years of the Society. By Frank W. Jessup, Honorary General Sec.
02-07-02   Vol. 10  Pages 178-183   ........ Roman Interments from East Hall, Near Sittingbourne. plus drawings
01-07-02   Vol. 10  Pages 075-076   ........ Roman Pottery from Hoo plus Plate
13-06-02   Vol.  7   Pages 307-321   .........Researches in the Saxon Cemetery at Sarr (Sarre) Part 3 plus Plates
03-06-03   Vol.  6   Pages 157-185   .........Researches in the Saxon Cemetery at Sarr (Sarre) Part 2 plus Plates
26-05-02   Vol.  5   Pages 305-322   .........Researches in the Saxon Cemetery at Sarr (Sarre) Part 1 plus Plates
26-05-02   Vol.  3   Pages 035-046    Anglo-Saxon remains Discovered Recently Kent plus 5 coloured Plates