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Archaeologia Cantiana - Vol. 127   2007 page 421

Researches and Discoveries in Kent


In December 2003, the Trust for Thanet Archaeology undertook an evaluation on agricultural land adjacent to Preston Park Caravan Site, Spratling Street, Manston in advance of the extension of the Caravan Park site (TR 3512 6651). A total of twenty-six trenches were excavated during the evaluation exposing archaeological remains in twelve. The earliest deposits on the site dated to the earlier Neolithic with minor features of Bronze Age, Roman and Medieval periods also represented.

Earlier Neolithic (3600 - 3000 BC)
A curvilinear enclosure ditch was encountered. The finds from the excavated segments consisted entirely of worked flint, including waste flakes and some tools. No ceramics were present within the ditch. A pair of parallel gullies was exposed. One of the gullies appeared to have been re-cut in the early Bronze Age.
   An isolated irregular pit and a closely associated pair of small pits produced a significant assemblage of earlier Neolithic pottery and contemporary worked flint suggesting a significant settlement presence in the area. A total of 85 sherds of earlier Neolithic pottery all from bowl-form vessels with simple upright, closed or slightly thickened rims and one or two on slightly flaring everted necks were excavated from these features. Also included within the assemblage was a number of coarseware sherds decorated with roughly horizontal rows of spaced finger tip impressions and a rim with traces of fine across-rim diagonal incisions that may be decorative.
   Other isolated features also apparently dating to the Neolithic period were sectioned suggesting a more complex pattern of settlement features or enclosures on the site than was revealed by the evaluation.


A residual background presence of Romano-British ceramic material suggests that there may have been a tile-roofed building and a settlement using imported wares in the vicinity of the site.

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