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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 7  1868  page 321


undoubtedly has considerable effect on the preservation of bones after burial. In graves apparently contemporary remarkable differences were found. The depth of soil, too, has an influence. In some deep graves at Sarr, scarcely a bone was preserved; in others, only a foot and a half or two feet in depth, the skeletons were often entire; the soil being the same in both instances. There was nothing remarkable in the size of the bones. The largest femur exhumed measured 20½ inches, and as the hilts or handles of the swords were rarely more than five inches in length, it seems improbable that the men here buried exceeded ourselves in stature.
of the human jaw at Quignon, said to have been exhumed from the Tertiary of the valley of the Somme, and to have been contemporaneous with the flint implements of the drift, has been supposed by some osteologists to have justified the suspicion that it might have been taken from a graveyard in which the deposits scarcely exceeded a century.

   [To the end of Mr. Brent’s graphic account of his discoveries I append engravings of two specimens of Saxon cloth preserved by the rust of iron weapons, close to which they have lain in the graves, and to which they still adhere. For more, see Pl. XI. All ornaments, weapons, etc., being found on the bodies in the positions in which they would naturally be worn, it seems reasonable to suppose that a Pagan Saxon was buried in his ordinary dress, and not in any special grave-clothes.—T. G. F]

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