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 Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 7  1868  page 318


extensive of the Jutish or Old English burial grounds hitherto found in Kent. Including the two graves close to the windmill, found by Mr. Matson in 1860, 274 have been discovered; but this must be very far from the total number of its interments. The site of the chalk pit, described at its side towards Minster, formed part of the cemetery, and evidences and traditions exist of similar relics found there in digging the chalk. Others also have been found in an opposite direction, down to the Margate Road, and even to another chalk pit beyond it.
   The 272 graves opened by the Society yielded an unusual number of swords, of the long, straight-bladed, double-edged type, namely twenty-six, averaging almost one to every ten graves. In no other Anglo-Saxon cemetery has anything approaching to this proportion been found. Sixteen only were found in the 803 graves of the "Inventorium Sepulchrale." in 188 graves at Long Wittenham, Mr. Akerman found but two1 at Filkins,2 in 
fifteen graves, but one; in about sixty at Brighthampton,3 only four; in rather more at Harnham,4 not one. 188 graves at Little Wilbraham yielded to Mr. Neville but four swords. At Wingham and Stodmarsh, where no accurate account was taken of the number of graves, none seem to have been found. At Stowting, last autumn, in twenty-six graves I found none, though four or five had, I believe, been found in former excavations. At Kemble, North Wilts, in twenty-six graves opened by Mr. John Mansell, there were also none.5
At Sarr the interments of men, women, and children were intermixed; and as one-fourth of these graves at least produced weapons of offence or defence, namely, swords, spears, and umbones of shields, we may estimate the adult male population at the same proportion.

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