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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 7  1868  page 316


No. CCLIV.- An oblique grave. A fragment of iron only.
No. CCLV.—No fewer than eighty iron clench-bolts, which had perforated solid wood about three inches thick. They lay on both sides, and could not, I think, have been attached to shields, as supposed by some antiquaries. A shoulder-blade and an arm-bone lay above the skull. This grave was made on an incline of twelve inches at least, and was only separated from another grave by a narrow ridge of the chalk.
No. CCLVI.—A small and contracted grave, but containing a sword by the left side, its usual position,—a fine example, with a bronze pommel, and the blade of the usual length of about thirty inches , but nearly two inches and a half wide. A spear-head and its socket, and, at the feet, a small bronze ring or fibula.
Nos. CCLVII.-CCLVIII.---- Small graves, probably of. children. No relics.

No. CCLIX.—At the feet, a bronze stud or button, and some iron nails. Towards the knee a small iron pot, about three inches in length, and containing some remains of melted bronze,—perhaps the crucible of an artisan; or possibly a bell (Plate XI.). Near it lay a hone or knife-stone, exactly resembling some in modern use, and made of the same Turkish stone. Also a clench-bolt, an iron staple, and three broken knives.
No. CCLX.—Two interments, a woman and a child. .A minute ring of silver-wire between the knees of the child, 

and a small circular fibula beside it; nearer the head, a still smaller fibula. A bronze ornament

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