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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 7  1868  page 315


the beads and shell being the relics of a woman, the spear-head of a man.
No. CCXXXIX.—A very long grave, but very ill-shaped. A small bronze buckle, a rude iron buckle, and some fragments of wood stained with iron.
No. CCXL.—Burnt or decayed wood in some quantity. By the left shoulder, a spear-head of unusual shape, and its socket, both vertically placed, as in Nos. CCXXXVII. and CCXXXVIII. Also a large knife, and a black earthen vessel at the foot, too fragile to be preserved.
Nos. CCXLI.—CCXLTII.—Only an iron ring, a small bronze buckle, and a knife.
No. CCXLIV.—Disturbed. Shield-studs, and fragments of bronze and iron. At the foot, a flat piece of iron with two flattened circular knobs upon it; a spearhead lay in the cist at the head of the grave.
No. CCXLV.—A small knife; at the feet, clench-bolts.

Nos. CCXLVI., CCXLVII.—Children’s graves.No relics.
No. CCXLVIII.—A woman’s grave. A knife, a ring of copper wire round the bones of the left arm, and close beside it an iron key.
No. CCXLIX.—Disturbed. No relics.
No. CCL.—A red earthen vessel, lying on its side in a recess at the feet. Three shield-studs and a broken umbo; a sword, in a wooden or leathern sheath, imperfect; two spear-heads, one broken (an old fracture), and a knife.
No. CCLI.—Disturbed. No relics.
No. CCLII.—A knife only. There were traces of wood down the side.
No. CCLIII.—An irregular grave, with the head twelve inches higher than the feet. The skeleton was large. A knife with long and slender blade, a spearhead, also lightly made; some mussel-shells, pieces of unbaked pottery, and the teeth of sheep and oxen.

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