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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 7  1868  page 314


much corroded, with thin edgings of gold. Traces of a bier or coffin were also found.
No. CCXXXIV.—A deep and irregular grave. No relics.
No. CCXXXV.—Two large iron clamps or rivets; a broken knife and traces of burnt wood.
No. CCXXXVI.—A woman’s or girl’s grave. Three knives and four beads of common types.
No. CCXXXVII.—A fine spear-head, vertically placed in the upper soil; a long knife, a broken umbo, some shield studs, and an iron buckle.
No. CCXXXVIII.—A spear-head vertically placed, as in the last grave, in the upper soil; an arrangement evidently designed, but for what object is not apparent. Three beads, a small bronze buckle, iron rivets, and a peculiar object in iron, about six inches and a half  long; the remains of keys or spears, much corroded, a foreign

 shell, the Cyprea Arabica, some broken mussel-shells, and a very small fragment of deep violet glass.
All these small objects appear to have been placed in a box, and exhibited more or less the action of fire. This grave yielded also pieces of iron, like links of a cable-patterned chain, arid some bronze rings. Its incongruous contents might indicate a double interment,


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