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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 7  1868  page 313


previously to the interment, two holes for suspension had been made evidently to receive a thong or string. Here were also a spear-head, and down each side of the grave eight clench-bolts, about nine inches apart.

No. CCXXXIL—An elegant bronze buckle, a little more than two inches and a half long, ornamented below the tongue with ivory and a circular garnet, and lower still with a cruciform design, the arms being filled in with pale-green enamel and ivory, and the 

groundwork once inlaid with dark-green stones or glass, but now imperfect. Near the lower end is a sunken line, in which remain three little bronze studs.
No. CCXXXIII.—Two spear-heads, an umbo, and an iron rivet or clamp lay in the upper soil; lower down 

appeared three rectangular bronze ornaments, each one inch by three-quarters of an inch, and once attached probably to 

leather or wood by studs at the corners. One bears an ornament of interlaced chainwork, another two rudely designed dragons intertwining, the third a. dragon of another design, perhaps with a head at each end. All are unique in this country. In this grave were also a small iron wedge or cold chisel, two inches and a quarter long, a knife, a bronze stud, and a metal ornament,

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