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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 7  1868  page 312


being traceable down the whole length of the grave, and a piece of wood four inches square lying at the head and at the feet. No. CCXVIII. was equally large.
No. CCXX. — This was an interesting interment. Commencing at the feet, our usual practice, and working upwards, we found two urn-shaped glass vessels; close together. A thin circular stud of silver next appeared, some iron keys (one quite perfect, a very rare occurrence), a large bronze ring, and a flat bronze stud-head. On the breast, about thirty beads of porcelain, glass, and amethystine quartz; also an iron fragment, apparently a mounting for a purse, a broken knife, and an iron bolt.
Nos. CCXXI.-CCXXIV.—Only two broken knives.
No. CCXXIII. was a child’s grave by the teeth; the tender bones, as we often found in children’s graves, had decayed without a trace.
No. CCXXV.—An amethystine bead, a broken knife, 

and the sliding bolt of a small lock. The bottom of the grave was lined with decayed vegetable fibre.

No. CCXXVI—A broken knife, and what appeared to be nothing but a very common little stud. It proved to be two small silver sceattae thus closely corroded together.

No. CCXXVIII. — Remarkable as containing fragments of pottery apparently Roman, and at one end 
a thick layer of mortar or cement; also mussel and oyster shells, and a few scattered bones.
No. CCXXIX.—A knife, and a few beads.
No. CCXXX. — A red earthen vessel of elegant shape; two spear-heads, some shield-studs, an umbo, and a broken knife.
No. CCXXXI. —At the feet, a red earthen vessel, with narrow neck. The nozzle having been broken

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