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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 7  1868  page 310


No. CCV.—A child’s grave. A small knife-blade, two inches and three-quarters long, lay by the left shoulder.
No. CCVI.—Two iron keys, indicating a woman’s grave; also other fragments of iron, one of the shape figured at Grave CCXXXVIII.
No. CCVII.—Near the shoulder, a broken umbo; a spear-head and its ferule by the right ear; a knife, nine inches long in the blade; a black earthen vessel, narrow-necked, by the left foot. A fragment of mussel-shell.
No. CCVIII.—Clench-bolts in a row down the side. Iron shield-braces or bands, with clamps, and an iron buckle. Also, a small bronze buckle. There were oyster-shells in this grave, some with the valves in position, and therefore unopened when deposited, perhaps with a vague idea of supplying food to the deceased.
No. CCIX.—A spear-head; a portion of an iron ring; a knife and a small iron buckle. At the foot, a narrow-necked earthen vessel

No. CCIX.—A spear-head; a portion of an iron ring; a knife and a small iron buckle. At the foot, a narrow-necked earthen vessel.
No. CCX.—A small grave, a girl’s, the teeth being young. A collection of beads by the neck, one bugle-shaped, of white glass gilt, (Plate VII.) and, I believe, unique. A wire ring, a rusted mass of keys, a bronze rivet, and a bronze pin. 

Under the neck, a fine circular fibula. The centre is a boss of ivory, from which radiate three sliced garnets. The boss contains a garnet, and is surrounded by three rims of silver, rising each higher than the other, the innermost being the highest. The teeth 

of another child were also found in this grave.
No. CCXI.—A very perfect sword, thirty-five inches from hilt to point, lay from the centre high up by the skull, inclining to the right. It had borne a metal

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