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 The Society is indebted to the kind courtesy of Sir Percival Hart Dyke for an exhibition of the Bowl, and for permission to engrave it.
PLATE II.—Personal ornaments found in a grave at Sarre, with the contents of Plates III. and IV. It is not unlikely they may have been arranged, by the lady who owned them, for a necklace, much in the same manner as they are grouped in the Plate. The gold, coins enumerated in chronological order, are as follows
   1. Obv. ?N MAVIIAPPAHO. As No. 2, but of very rude workmanship.
Rev. VIC OR AVGGVI . CONOB. As No. 2, but with the letters M. R.
   2. Obv. DN MAVRIC RPPAVG-. The head of Mauricius Tiberius wearing the diadem, to the right.
Rev. VICTORIA AVGGVI CI ? A cross upon a globe dividing the letters MA and the numerals XXI.
   3. Obv. ERAC..VS INP. Diademed bust of Heraclius, to the right.
Rev. VICTO.. With letters transposed and illegible; a barbarous copy of the reverse of the coins of Heraclius, reading Victoria Augusti. Cross upon a globe, as in No. 2.
4. Obv. CHLOTARIVS RX. Diademed bust of Chlotaire, to the right.
VICTVRIA CHLOTARI ? Cross and globe, as in No. 1. 
   The first word of the reverse of this coin is without doubt Victuria for Victoria; the second, though at first sight it would appear barbarous and unintelligible, when read from left to right appears intended for Chlotarii. The reverse of No. 4 is the first on the left in the plate.

   The letters M A on the reverse of these solicli indicate the mint of Marseilles. These letters and the rude execution of the coins bearing the names of the Byzantine emperors, show that they are copies struck in Gaul. In the centre hangs the gold pendant referred to in the foregoing letter. The beads are of glass and coloured clay, with the exception of the two which terminate the necklace: they are of amethystine quartz. To the practised numismatist the engraving of these coins will present no difficulty when collated with the text; but it may be observed that the artist in drawing, only arranged them partially in chronological order, and he reversed the necklace, so that the reverse of No. 1 is that on the extreme right of the lower row: the second obverse is that of Heraclius, No. 3 in the text, to which the third on the lower row (from left to right) is the reverse. As third, the artist has placed the second coin of Mauricius, to which the second reverse applies; and the obverse of Chlotaire, the first on the right, requires for its reverse the first on the left of the lower line. I am indebted to Mr. Vaux for impressions of the coins.
   PLATE III.—Gold fibula set with garnets and gold filigree-work. The central boss and the four smaller are composed of ivory or sea-horse’s tooth, and set with carbuncles. It was fastened to the dress by an acus at the back. Of the actual size.
   PLATE IV.—Bronze Bowl, 15 inches in diameter and 41 inches in depth. For a precisely similar bowl, found at Wingham, near Sandwich, consult

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